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this daggers my excuse

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Outside I could hear the wind screaming, the rain pounding against the roof of the building. I shivered and pulled the dirty grey blanket tighter around my shaking, naked body. I couldnt remember being brought up to this room, but I knew it was the only room in this place that had a bed, and it was the driest room too. Gary had left a few hours ago - before it had started raining, he had gone to find some food and had warned me he might be a while because he had to steal it. I couldnt care less, I hoped he never came back. I had tried to leave but he had locked the door, and I felt so exhausted and tainted I didnt have it in me to smash through the wood that covered the windows. My entire body ached and my joints throbbed in protest with every movement I made. I had cried so much I had no more tears left and my eyes itched, I kept them closed though there was no way I would be able to sleep. I thought about Frank, about how horrible it must have been for him in Acacia, I wondered what he was doing now. Was he okay? Was Bob okay? Were they looking for me? Were they running the pub like normal? Had they told my family? Ray? I hated not knowing anything, I didnt even know what time it was and the weather made it look as dark as night no matter what point in the day it was. I felt so hollow, disconnected to anything. How had Frank managed to carry on normally after it had happened to him? I guess it was because he had to, where as I had nothing to do. I had nothing but an abandoned house to entertain me.
"Oh Geraarrd baby!!" I groaned at the sound of Garys voice from downstairs and burrowed beneath the blanket, refusing to open my eyes. I heard his heavy footsteps as he walked up the rotting stair case and into the room, I could sense that he was stood right beside the bed but I didnt bother with moving.
"Have fun without me?" He asked in a teasing voice to which I didnt respond. "Well, come on Gerard baby dont be rude." He cackled, dragging the blanket off me, I whined and snatched it back - I didnt want him looking at me. Once I was safely burrowed beneath it once more I felt a sharp pain in my stomach where he had punched me. I yelped and curled into a ball.
"Leave me alone!" I begged. I heard him cackle and he punched me another two times in the ribs, I whimpered and trembled in fear.
"Aw come on, your no fun. Now get some clothes on and come downstairs, I'm gonna start cooking - I managed to steal some chicken from the butchers, aint that great?" I didnt respond. I heard him tut and the blanket was once more pulled away from me, just as he threw my clothes at me.
"Now hurry the fuck up before you piss me and I have to use this on you." He waved a knife in my face, and I whimpered in terror, he kicked me hard in the head and I felt blood trickle just beside my eye as he laughed to himself and tramped out of the room. I lay shaking and whimpering, listening to him walk down the stairs.
I dressed quickly just because I couldnt stand to have him see me naked, I was feeling practically suicidal and I just wanted to fall to the floor and cry, to be back home with Frank and Bob. As I thought of Frank the urge to see him became overwhelming and I could hear Gary whistling downstairs, he was distracted, he didnt suspect a thing. I struggled over to the window and felt along the edge of the wood that boarded it. It was thick, impossible to break through, the only chance I had was to pull it off. I took a deep breath and dug my nails beneath the wood and pulled with all my strength, it didnt so much as budge and I feared my nails would come off before the wood did, but I carried on anyway, gritting my teeth against the pain throbbing through my fingers, I had to get out. I had to get home.
"Ughh... come ooon...." I groaned, heaving against the wood. I finally felt it move slightly and hope spurred me on. "Yes, come on -" My arms were aching in protest to the force I was using but I wouldnt give up, I was so engrossed I didnt hear Gary come up the stairs.
"What the hell do you think your doing!?" He cried, I gasped and spun round, falling against the wood and staring at him in horror.
"I - I - " I stammered, Gary was holding the knife tightly in his hand and he walked slowly over to me, pure rage covered his face.
"I didnt expect this of you Gerard, surely you would know better than to try and escape. I havent had my revenge yet and I intend to get it all. Now, come downstairs like a good boy and I'll consider forgiving you." He snarled. My heart was racing and fear was flooding my veins but I wouldnt allow myself to just do as he said.
"N - no." I tried to sound brave, to sound strong but he had already broken so much of me. His jaw dropped in shock and his eyes flashed, his skin went a deep red and I wouldnt have been surprised if he breathed fire.
"What did you say?" He demanded through clenched teeth.
"I said no!" I declared, raising my fists to show I would fight, but I was an idiot to think I could fight my out of this. Gary gave an angry yell and his fist collided with my jaw before I had chance to acknowledge it. I yelped and fell to the floor, clutching my face as he delivered blow after blow to my quivering form.
"I'll teach you to say no to me! You worthless piece of shit!" He yelled, I tried to apologize but I couldnt form the words, instead I just lay there and tried to ignore the pain coursing through my body, I was sure my ribs were broken but I couldnt so much as beg for him stop. I was powerless... and he was angry. All too soon he became bored of kicking me and he pulled me roughly to my feet by the hair, I yelled out in pain and he kicked my shins to make me walk forward as I clawed at his hands, all to no avail. I was forced out of the room and into the hallway, the staircase directly infront me, the wooden stairs were sodden with rain that had leaked through the ceiling and the wet wood smelt.
"Get down those fucking stairs!" Gary yelled, shoving me roughly away from him, releasing my hair and causing me to fall off the top stair, for a wild moment I felt as if I was flying and I imagined an angel that looked like Frank swooped down and caught me, carrying me far, far away. I was sure I felt the white feathers against my face but it was only my own hair as I fell, my eyes closed and I braced myself out of reflex for the blow I knew was to come. I fell for merely a second before colliding sharply with the last stair, my body bending into an awkward angle as I bounced slightly and landed heavily on the floor beside the front door, my arms were twisted beneath me and my legs were tucked into my chest. It took a moment for the pain to be acknowledged in my brain and once it had it was intense. I hissed in pain and allowed myself to scream, scream so loud that I would silence the horrible throbbing in my bones. I could taste blood on my tongue and new my lip had been badly split. Tears washed down my face, hot and wet and I couldnt stop them. It hurt. Oh god, how it hurt.
"Listen to yourself, you fucking baby you - " Gary stopped as the stairs gave a low creak as he walked down them, he was only about three stairs from the top and we both fell silent as we listened to a creaking that came from the wood. Our eyes met for a split second before his mouth fell open in shock as the stairs, which had been flooded and rotting for years now gave way with an almighty sound of splintering wood and heavy beams falling to the stone floor. Gary dissapeared in a haze of dust and wood right before my very eyes, falling to the floor, the falling wood and rising dust obscuring him from veiw. But even above the sounds of the stair case collapsing I heard the sound of his surprised yell and then the stomach churning crack as his bones broke from the impact of hitting the floor. I buried my face in my aching arms and sobbed, shaking with shock and fright long after the wood had settled and Gary was silent. For a long moment there was only the sound of my tears in the old house and it took all of my remaining energy to see the damage caused. I expected to see a lot of blood and a mangled mess of Gary but there was only a pile of wood. I breathed deeply trying to calm myself, which was easy considering the shock still hadnt cleared yet. Once I felt okay enough to move I gingerly struggled to my feet, my entire body ached but not as much as before, it was like it knew I could escape and refused to hurt when I needed to be strong to get out of this place and get back home. I shuffled over to the wood and used all my strength to pull the wood off Gary, when I finally uncovered him his face was screwed up in pain, his body covered in blood that had been smudged from various cuts. He was trembling and I saw that the knife he had been holding had gone deep into his stomach, the wound surrounded by blood. His eyes found mine and he looked at me in horror.
"G - Gerard, help me." He wheezed, I bit my lip and shook violently as I raided his pockets, hunting for the key. "Ger - ard. H - help." He begged, his voice rough. I shook my head and felt the tears stinging in my eyes, human nature made me want to help him, pure human kindness made me want to stay and make sure he would be fine but the painful memories of everything he had done to me, everything he had done to Frank made me push my guilt to one side. I found the key and went to get to my feet, only to be dragged back down again by him grabbing my wrist, his grip surprisingly tight. His face was close to mine and the rage in his eyes hadnt left.
"I said help me you fucker." He growled.
"Fuck you." I snarled back, renching out of his grip and turning to run, I didnt get far before he grabbed my ankle and fell heavily to the floor, my ribs pulsing with pain. I hissed angrily as he shouted a stream of obscenities at me, demanding me to help him in between.
"Ugh -" I struggled to use my free foot to kick him, I had been aiming at the hand he held me by but somehow I missed and my foot collided with the side of his head. He gasped in pain and let go instantly, I felt bad but I lunged to my feet and ran for it, managing to get to the door. I struggled to fit the key into the lock and get the door open, when I looked back Gary was using one arm to drag himself across the floor, his teeth clenched and pure anger etched onto his pain filled face. My stomach lurched as I saw the trail of blood behind him, the knife still lodge in his stomach. I renched the door open and wasted no time in getting outside and slamming the door shut behind me, Garys fingers almost getting trapped as I did so. I tripped over beside a tree and allowed the tears of guilt, fear and accomplishment to fall as I hunched over and was violently sick into the bushes. The sound of Gary pounding on the door I had just shut.
I gasped for air and struggled to my feet as soon as I had finished heaving, there was a bitter taste of sick and blood in my mouth and my entire body was throbbing with pain and I didnt know the way home all too well, but it all meant nothing to me as I struggled to move as fast as I could away from the place, using everything for support as I did, all the time thinking of how badly I wanted to see Frank.
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