Review for If I Had My Chance I'd Never Let You Go

If I Had My Chance I'd Never Let You Go

(#) StandardToaster 2008-10-04

Awwwww. : DDD That's so adorable!

x )

I really like your writing! : ))

I don't think I was here before you left

But I'll make sure to read any stuff you put up.

I freaking their cute little conversation before they fell asleep.

x 3

It's adorable.



Author's response

Thank you.
I think I read your stuff.Idk.I think I read I'll Be Here(...) by you before I stopped coming on so much.I might just have to check out some of your stuff. :]
And wow.Yep I got 3 reviews.
mmm.Nothing like steamy hot Frerard boysex on a Sunday morning. XD
Anyways here I go. ^.^
Oh.And thank you everyone else who reviewed down there.I don't feel like replying a billion times.
Hm.Ok.I wanna tell you a story that stopped me from writing.
I threw away some ole stuff in my trash and my 18 year old brother found them and read them out loud to my nephew and my nephew promised not to tell but he told me anyways.I was mortified because sed story had a blow job and afterwards shower sex...yeah...Frerard. 0_0
But ah well.
I'm much more careful now. ;D