Review for Being Mini G Way the new Chapters

Being Mini G Way the new Chapters

(#) MrSnarky 2008-10-20

Greetings fuckwit

After scanning through your story (well, that's a lie; my time is way to valuable to even consider wasting actually reading this piece of crap you call a story; I just glanced at the last chapter, saw your character being all "Oh, I got raped, I'm totally ok with that and will use it for leverage" or something stupid like that and that was enough) I realised that you were unfortunately suffering under the delusion that you were doing something useful and/or interesting by writing this. Unfortunately for you this is not true; words can't express how bad this story is, so I won't waste time trying. Just know that the world would actually be a better place if it had never been written.

Author's response

I never asked you to read it and I am not certain i understand why people like you feel the need to rip apart other peoples stories. You must really not have a life if you sit on here read my story just so you can make some smart comment about it... I don't write for you, I write for me and the people who enjoy my stories! So in other GO FUCK YOURSELF!!! THanks