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Free to Go

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An update finally

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Amy’s POV

I walked out of the jail and paused. I waited a few minutes until I knew Jack was out of sight. I walked back in and told the receptionist I needed to see someone else. I went and sat and waited for him. I couldn’t do a lot to help Emily and Gerard but I could help Jack. I watched as Mike walked over and sat in front of me.

“What do you want” He asked in an icy tone.

“Believe me I don’t want to see you anymore than you want to see me. I have a proposition for you” I said and clasped my hands on the table top.

“Fine what is it” He said as he looked around angrily.

“Drop the charges against Jack” I said and he looked at me like I was crazy.

“Right” He said as he rolled his eyes.

“What do I get out of this” he asked.

“I will drop the charges against you” I said and this caught his attention.

“People don’t like rapist’s, the jury will eat you up. They will be way more forgiving of Jack” I said with a raised brow. I saw his mind working.

“On one condition” He said. I knew him to well, I knew what he would ask next.

“You have to clear my name. You have to say I never raped you” He said and sat back.

“No, you can just stay in prison then” I said and stood up.

“Yeah and I will have Jack in here with me” I heard him say. I stopped and sighed, I knew he wouldn’t budge. He was the type who cared more about his reputation than anything.

“I would rather stay here then be labeled a rapist forever” He said. I turned to face him.

“You say it right now then. You look me in the eyes and admit that you raped me” I said looking him straight at him.

“I raped you. I fucked your brains out. You weren’t going to give it to me without being drugged. I wanted to hurt you like you hurt me, you little bitch” He said and I thought he would hit me.

“Drop the charges and I will drop the ones against you” I Started towards the door.

Then I stopped “And I will deny that you raped me. I will clear your name”.

I didn’t look back and I didn’t cry. Jack would be out and it was worth ruining my name to have him back. It was a sacrifice I was willing to make.

Jack’s POV

“I am sorry about your family Jack” Rob said and handed me a cigarette.

“Yeah I wish I could do something about it. I just feel so trapped” I said as I breathed in the smoke.

“Well hopefully the jury will understand why you beat up Mike cut you some slack” Rob said and tossed his cigarette.

“Jack Way” I turned and saw a taller guard that usually never talked to me.

“Yes sir” I answered and stood up.

“They need to see you inside” He said.

“Okay” I said feeling confused.

“Be right back” I told Rob and followed the guard. I saw officer Wilkes, he was smiling.

“Hey”I said and stopped in front of him.

“Jack the charges against you have been dropped. Go get whatever is in your cell and meet me back up here” Officer Wilkes said.

“What?” I didn’t understand.

“Mike called and dropped the charges against you this morning. You are free to go” He repeated.

“Okay” I said and walked over to my cell. There was something strange going on. Mike wouldn’t just drop the charges.

“Hey what did they want” Rob asked me.

“I am free to go. Mike dropped the charges” I said still not believing it.

“Are you for real” he asked.

“Yes but there is something fishy going on behind it” I said and packed up the few things I had.

“Well come visit bro. I am glad we got to know each other” Rob said and hugged me.

“I will come visit. I hope you get out soon because when you do, we are going to hang out outside of this place” I said with a smile.

“Good Luck”He said as I headed to the front.

“Here you go” Gary said and handed me the clothes I was brought in with.

“Thanks. See ya Gary” I said and shook his hand.

“See ya Jack. Good Luck” he said. I changed and followed officer Wilkes out the front doors.

“You are free to go. Amy is here to get you. She is a good girl Jack” He said, there was something behind that, I could feel it.

“She is” I said and walked quickly towards her. She flew into my arms and for a few moments I didn’t care why I was out, all I cared about was holding her. She pulled back and kissed me over and over again.

“Come on” She said and I walked with her to the car.

“How did this happen” I asked as we got in.

“He just dropped the charges” she said as we drove away.

“Mike wouldn’t just drop the charges” I said knowing without a doubt that something was going on.

“Jack just drop it for now. I didn’t tell anyone so it is going to be a surprise. We will talk later. Just be happy your out for now” She said and shot me a smile.

“Okay” I said. I would enjoy my freedom but later she and I would talk. We pulled up to the hotel were my dad stays. I jumped quickly out of the car. I had missed my dad.

“I thought he got a new place” I said as we walked in.

“He does, he moves in this weekend” She said and grabbed my hand. We walked into the room and it looked like a tornado had hit it.

“Man” I said kicking through some clothes.

“Go on in his room. I will let you two be alone” She said and began to clean up. I opened the door slowly to his room and saw him on the bed. He had on his jeans and a shirt with no covers. It looks like he just dropped onto the bed and hadn’t moved.

“Dad” I said as I got closer.

“Jack” he said and turned over.

“Jack” he said again and brought me to him.

“How” He said and hugged me tighter. He needed to shave.

“I don’t know yet. Mike dropped the charges” I said and hugged him back.

“I love you” He said with tears in his voice.

“I love you too dad” I said trying not to cry. It felt good to be out.

“I am sorry everything is such a mess” he said and stood up.

“I am moving this weekend and....” He trailed off.

“I know about what happened with mom” I said and he paused.

“I never thought she would do that” He said and tossed a few clothes out of the way.

“Me neither” I said sadly. “You should go see your sisters. Angel hasn’t been the same since you left. I will clean up and shower. Everything will be in a little more order when you two get back” He said trying to seem a little happier.

“Okay. We will be back soon okay” I said and grabbed his shoulder.

“Okay Jack” he said and patted my back. I walked out and saw Amy sweeping.

“Let’s go see the girls” I said and she nodded in agreement. The car ride was quiet. I could tell Amy was nervous. We pulled up to our house and it seemed so quiet. We opened the front door and I saw Alicia.

“Jack” She said and hugged me.

“You got out. How” She asked. I explained to her the days events and she was thrilled. She told me where my sisters were and walked off to call Mikey. Amy walked with me to Angels room. I opened the door and Angels face lit up.

“Brother” She yelled and ran at me. I picked her up and hugged her so tight.

“You came back” She said and kissed my face.

“I did and I missed you a lot” I said with a smile.

“I missed you a lot to. I was sad all the time” She said and kissed me again.

“Jack” I heard Lena squeal. I turned and felt her arms around my waist.

“I missed you so much. How did you get out” She cried against me.

“Mike dropped the charges” I said and kissed Lena’s head. We walked over to the bed where both girls sat on my lap. I chatted with them for a good thirty minutes.

“Jack you need to talk to mom. She hasn’t left the room all day” Lena said sadly. Angel looked sad to.

“Her light is out” Angel said.

“What do you mean” I asked.

“She is not happy anymore” Angel explained.

“I will go” I said and stood up.

“Please be nice to her” Lena asked.

“I will” I said and walked over to my parents room. Amy stayed behind with the girls. I walked slowly into the room. She was under the covers with tissues everywhere.

“She has been so upset. This will make her so happy” I heard Alicia whisper in my ear.

“I will leave you two alone” She said and walked out of the room. I walked over and leaned down next to her. I felt a comfort I hadn’t felt in a long time. No matter what she did she was still my mom and I loved her something fierce. I kissed her head and saw her eyes flutter open.

“Jack” She said and sat up.

“How did you....” She cut herself off and threw her arms around my neck. I felt her tears down my neck.

“I have missed you so much” She said and put me away from her to look me over.

“You okay” She asked.

“Yeah I am fine. Mike dropped the charges” I said and she hugged me again.

“I am so happy you are home baby” She said stroking my hair like I was a little boy again. I almost gave into tears as well but I kept it together.

“Please forgive me for my actions lately. I took so much for granted” She said and touched my face.

“I messed things up with your dad” She said sadly.

“Just give him some space. You two will work it out, you always do” I said and kissed her head.

“I am so glad your back. I understand if you want to live with your dad though” She said sadly.

“I will come back and forth okay. Amy and I both” I said and patted her hand. I visited with her for a while then said goodbye to the girls and went to my dads with Amy. He had cleaned and packed a little while we were gone.

“Your sisters went crazy didn’t they” He asked.

“Yeah, I thought Lena was going to have a heart attack” I said with a smile. Amy had been quiet most of the day. I knew something was going on.

“It is late and I haven’t slept well in weeks. Is it okay if we head off to bed” I asked him.

“Yeah. I am going to Mikey’s for a bit. I figured you would be tired” He said and hugged me again.

“I am glad you are back” he said and left. I turned and looked at Amy. She turned and walked into the room. I followed her.

“Are you going to tell me what’s going on” I asked.

She pulled her shirt over her head and unclasped her bra. If she was trying to distract me from the question, it worked. I walked over to her and pulled her into my arms. I felt her lips on my neck and felt her hands pull my shirt over my head. I no longer cared how I got out of jail. All I cared about was being with Amy.

*So i'm back... I am a few chapters ahead so some mote updates should be coming soon. I am determined to finish this story but alot has been going on and this got put on the back burner. Hope there are still people who love it!
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