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I did it for you!

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Amy tells Jack what she did

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Gerard’s POV

“I am so sorry Gerard” Mikey said and gave me a hug. I had just told him about Emily.

“The up side is that Jack is home, though I am still confused on how” I said and sat back.

“Alicia said he stopped by the house and talked to Emily. Man I still cannot believe that Emily would do that. Another guy in your house?” Mikey shook his head and handed me a lighter.

“Smoke as much as you want man” He said and lit my cigarette.

“Are any of the guys up at the studio” I asked.

“Yeah but I told them you probably wouldn’t be in today” He said.

“Well I need to distract myself. Let’s head on over there” I said. We stood up and headed towards the car. When we got there the guys rallied around me. I had told Frank about Emily so all the other guys knew.

“But Jack is back right” Bob asked.

“Yeah that is the only good thing” I said and walked in to the studio. I stopped and looked at the women standing in the room. She was messing with some buttons then turned and smiled at us.

“Oh and she is helping Chris produce the album.” Frank said. I knew we were all looking at her. She was tall and slender with long chestnut hair. She had on a pair of dark wash jeans that fit her perfectly, and a Black tank top.

“Hi I am Kyle” She said and shook my hand. Wow she had piercing green eyes and dimples. Don’t look at her lips man. I told myself. I felt an elbow in my side and it startled my thoughts.

“I’m Gerard. Nice to meet you”.

“Nice to meet you. I was wondering when the infamous Gerard was going to show up. Chris had a family emergency so he left me in charge. He is a good friend of mine so he trusted me with you guys. Hopefully you guys don’t mind” She said with smile.

“It is fine. I am sure your great” I said shaking my head yes. I heard Ray cough.

“Well we should get started” Frank suggested. We recorded for four hours. My voice was getting sore so I took a hot tea break in our comfort room. This is where we kept comic books, drinks, food, instruments. I sat my head back and tried to block out all the thoughts of Emily. I was supposed to distract myself from her but instead I am singing about her.

“Headache” I heard a women’s voice ask. I looked up and saw Kyle standing in front of me. Man she had legs for days.

“Yeah. I can’t seem to get rid of it” I said and sat my head back.

“I have some Tylenol if you want some” She said and walked over to her purse.

“Sure”I said and took it from her. I swallowed them down with my tea.

“I wanted to tell you what an honor it is to work with you and the guys. I am such a fan. I have been since you guys started out” She said and took a seat next to me.

“Well it is good to have at least one fan still” I said with a smile.

“Oh there are more than one” She said with a smile. She was nice and easy to talk to.

“Hey” Frank said and took a seat practically on my lap.

“Yes Frank” I said and scooted away from him.

“Just visiting. When can we see Jack” he asked.

“Whenever you want. He is with Amy at the moment” I said.

“Uh oh, poor kid didn’t get any in jail. You may never want to return to your hotel room” Frank laughed. I scrunched up my face.

“Let’s not discuss Jack and getting some”.

“Well we should finish up this track then I will let you guys go for the night” Kyle said and headed out of the room.

“No” I heard Frank say.

“No what” I asked and stood up.

“You are looking at her like she is fresh meat” He said as he walked with me.

“I unlike my wife, am committed to my marriage” I said and slammed the door to the room.

Jack’s POV

“One more time” I heard Amy beg. I looked up and saw her sitting up on me. I didn’t think I could do anything at the moment.

“Amy I can’t. Give me a little while. Man” I said and smiled up at her.

“Sorry” She laughed and laid down next to me.

“I am glad I get to lay next to you” She said and kissed my shoulder.

“Would you do anything for me” I heard her ask. I turned on my side to face her.

“Yes, anything” I said and brushed my hand down her face.

“I would kill, steal, and die for you” I said and brushed my lips against hers.

“I would do the same for you to” She said and touched my face.

“What did you do for me Amy” I asked the question I knew she was trying to avoid. She sat up and held the sheet against her chest.

“I had to do it. I could not let you stay another day in there. I couldn’t let them put you away” She said with a fierce look on her face.

“What did you do” I said and sat up.

“I met with Mike and told him I would drop the charges against him if he dropped the charges against you. He agreed and now you are here with me” She said then sat completely still. I felt my face getting red and my pulse quicken.

“No” I said and stood up. I pulled up my boxers then my shirt.

“He doesn’t deserve to be out” I said and pulled up my jeans.

“Jack it was the only thing I could do” She said and slipped out of the bed keeping the sheet against her body.

“You shouldn’t have done it” I said and turned to leave.

“Stop this Jack It was something I had to do for you” She said and touched my face lightly.

“I would rather us both be in jail He deserved what he got Amy. It was worth it for me to in there because I knew it was for you” I said and turned to the door.

“Jack” She said I paused at the door.

“I need to be alone” I said and left the room. I didn’t know where I would go but I knew I needed to think.

Amy’s POV

I sat at the end of the bed and wrapped the sheet tighter around me. I knew he wouldn’t take it well, I dreaded telling him. I would just have to let him think it out and have some space. I Walked over to my clothes and got dressed. I headed over to Emily’s. When I got there I heard laughing in the living room. I walked in and found Alicia, Jamia, Becca, and Emily sitting around the couch eating and drinking wine.

“She is drinking” I asked. “We forced her to drink some wine. It breaks her rule but damn she needed it” Alicia said and patted the empty seat next to her. I sat down and joined them.

“How is my son” Emily asked and took a sip of her wine.

“Mad at me” I said and sat back.

“What did you do already” Jamia asked.

“I got him out of jail” I said and took a chip off of the table.

“How did you do that” Becca asked as she sat her hand on her swollen abdomen.

“I made a proposition to Mike. I told him if he dropped the charges against Jack that I would drop the charges against him” I said gaining silence from the rest of the room.

“You did that for him” Emily said and sat up.

“Yeah, now he is mad at me for it” I said sadly.

“Honey he is like his dad. He loves you so much and would sacrifice staying in jail to bring justice to what happened to you. They are good men” Emily said with tears in her eyes.

“Give him time” Jamia said.

“I am, he needed to think so I came over here” I said and lightly touched my belly.

“Well I would offer you wine if you weren’t pregnant” Alicia said with a laugh and poured herself another glass. I looked over at Emily. She was just staring off into space with her glass in her hand. I knew she was thinking about Gerard.

“He will come around Emily. You have to fight for him though. Fight like you never have before” I said gaining her attention.

“I hate myself for hurting him. I don’t know what I have been thinking” She said and took another sip.

“You were thinking you needed a break Emily. We all have thought that before. No marriage is perfect” Alicia said.

“Ray still freaks about the baby. He doesn’t talk about it. The nursery isn’t even finished. Sometimes I just want to smack some since into him” Becca said angrily.

“I have children that drive me crazy. Mikey hates how they act but he is responsible for the monsters they have become. He refuses to punish them. They cry and he gives in. We are so not on the same track as far as our parenting” Alicia said and crossed her arms.

“Frank wants another baby, actually he is obsessed with the idea. I personally do not want another one. My little boy is enough for me but he wants it so bad that I gave in. I can’t even stand up to him and say no” Jamia said then looked over at Emily.

“You are not the only one who feels like a break from time to time. You are just the only one with balls enough to do it. Yes with that Tyler guy you kind of messed up but who doesn’t. God, I from time to time wonder what it would be like to be romanced by someone else” Jamia said gaining agreements from the other women in the room.

I smiled “It’s good to know I have a lot to look forward to” I smiled and the rest of the girls laughed.

“Marriage is really great Amy. You love them so much that is why you want to just strangle them from time to time” Becca said.

We all stayed up and laughed throughout the night. Emily laughed and cried. She needed a night like this. She was lucky to have a close unit of friends like this. I enjoyed myself, it took my mind off of Jack.

*See I told ya I would update again :)!
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