Review for When Skies Are Gray

When Skies Are Gray

(#) lilrainforest 2008-10-20

Oh god, I can't believe I discovered this story so late.

Shiiiit man. What the hell have I been missing all these weeks!?

There's so much to say and like, wow. I mean, I was brought to tears by the whole Frankie and Gerard almost dying because they weren't together.

You are my sunshine!!! Rawrz, I'm doing that song for school in guitar class and I don't ever think I'll be able to think about it the same way again. It's gonna be Gerard's voice in my head now x)

So cute. Like, daaaaym. (;
I mean, You're an excellent writer and the imagery is so so sweet.

Keep writing. I'll be here (:
One of my favorite stories on FicWad right now.

xo, Ray