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My Famous Life

(#) Moonshyne 2008-10-23

I know your question was probably rhetorical, but here goes.

It always seems there in an underlying sexual tension between her and Gerard. Even in your last sentence she was making sure she looked good for him.

It's never written that way with Bob. No stolen glances, a small smile when they are in the same room. There's none of that same underlying tension, like she has no feelings for him, it's all about Gerard. At this point Bob is only window dressing as is Mikey and Ray.

We never hear how she really feels about him but we always hear how she feels about Gee, everything is based on her and Gee. There were a couple of touching momnents in Australia and even then at the end Gee became the central focus point with the whole engagement mess.

The story has been mostly focused on Gerard and Mary and that's the direction I personally see it going. It's the only thing that makes sense at the moment.

That's my rambling on a rhetorical question.


Good luck on your exams and hopefully the craziness will end soon.

Author's response

I really just love you and your explainings hahahhahahha
Its just I've never noticed it before lol
Liike... its forgotten haha
But thanks like a lot
Hahahhaha yea thanks hopefully I'll like whizzz through it hahaxx