Review for 22 Acacia Avenue - the final chapter!

22 Acacia Avenue - the final chapter!

(#) lilrainforest 2008-10-29

O: One of the BEST stories I've ever read is over. Good Lord. I'd just have to say that this ending was pretty damn amazing, and I'm glad they had enough courage to kill that bastard once and for all. It's like, just a relief that in a sequel or something he won't come back and murder everyone and I think I'm just saying that to scare myself. O: What if people find him in the river and then everyone gets arrested and Gerard and Frank's happily ever after is runied?! Oh god, I think I shouldn't be allowed to use my imagination anymore.

Nonetheless, it was an excellent story. The characters were very well developed and I think if there was a sequel it would be fantastic. Then again, if you start a new series, I'll be looking for it 'cause you're just such a damn awesome writer. Seriously, I don't think this dragged on at all and the length was just perfect. And just the right amount of smut ;p

I loved it, and I'm hoping I'll see more of your work soon.

xo, Ray