Review for Joke's On You

Joke's On You

(#) Popcorn_Rose 2008-10-30

LOL!!! I love this!! Usually Steven is kind of a little background character... So HA!!! Whatcha gonna do now, people who don't care about Steven?

... On second thought, it might be kind of good for me that most people don't know about him... Because EVERY TIME (Without fail) somebody I know sees a picture of him, they go like, "HEY! POPCORN! YOU LOOK JUST LIKE THIS GUY!!!"

... It would be so much less offensive if I wasn't a girl... T_T

Anyway, I loved this! Haha, Gunners... You don't try to get back the king of pranks. It just doesn't work...

Author's response

I agree, it's time for Steven to bathe in the spotlight for a while. If you get compared to Steven a lot you must have very nice hair =) Glad you liked the story!