Review for Leading a Double Life

Leading a Double Life

(#) IeroMyHero 2008-11-09


Okay...I am such a bad person. I didn't review this tremendous chapter. Kill me. And I also didn't work on our Frert or even on either of my stories. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!

Man, this was one awesome chapter. With the Frank and the Gerard and the Bert and the...OH MY GOD!!!!!!! Sorry, a little sugarhigh. or something else high.

Let me point out why I love you:

’God you’re no fun. Lemme give you a clue. Well, it’s a chick, and she has long blonde hair, big tits and puts out to any and every guy when she’s had a bit to drink. Ring any bells?’’

‘’Erm, three-quarters of the female population at Timpanogos?’

Hahahahaha. I love you. I feel the need to repeat repeat myself.

But oh, by the way, I have the same question LoveFAI did. How did Bert get to New Jersey? Or did Utah get teleported? Or did you just make a mistake? Cause as unlikely as it is, it might be possible. Wow, I sound like a dickwad. Haha, I'm a dickwad on ficwad.

Like I said...high...

Write more when you can and kick all the teenies off ficwad cause then I might start to write again.

Author's response


Haha. You don't need to apologise! I never expect you to review. I mean, I absolutly love it when you, or anyone, reviews but I never expect any. That would make me a dickwad. Lol.

Thank yooooou!!! I don't mind if you're high (sugar or not). It makes your reviews extremely amusing. ;D

Erm, you probably know why i made that dumb mistake if you have read my response to LoveFAI. If not, then scroll up a little bit and read it cos i cannot be arsed to type it all out again. :P But, I will say that I am really sorry for stupidity.

Anyways, Grazie molto. You're a star. And i'm sorry but I don't think I will be able to kick the tweenies off here haha. They will probably infect me with their Gerard-Way-obsessiveness. Side effects: the ability to write awful fics about meeting, falling in love, and running away with Gerard. Not neccessarily in that order. Yeah, i'm in a bitchy mood haha. Ah well, who doesn't get them?