Review for When Skies Are Gray

When Skies Are Gray

(#) lilrainforest 2008-11-16

What the hell?! Is that really a way to end a story by making everyone wonder what the hell happens to their favroite characters ever? I seriously don't see th point in that, becasue YOU WEREN'T FINISHED. Ugh, you have the power to break my heart sometimes, and that's not a good thing considering it's all fiction. I still need to find out so many things about these boys, and if I don't I swear my head will expolde one day, OHMYGOD. D:

Ray. Freaking. Toro.
The. Damn. Wedding.
Mikey. And. Bob.

Yeah, you really need to finish this before I come in your sleep and make you tell me what happens before I murder you =p No, I'm kidding. Dude, I love you. You rock, but this story NEEDS to have a sequel. I'll read it over and over and over and over and leave massively long reviews when I can and my parents are no longer looking. Bahaha, yeah I'm stupid, but I loved this story. More smut please? I like your style of writing a lot. I'm so like, needy. I feel like Frankie, and maybe I'm going to misbehave. Damn. LOL.

I heart you.

xo, Ray