Review for When Skies Are Gray

When Skies Are Gray

(#) lilrainforest 2008-11-16

Oh god, I have something to add before I completely burst with all this energy that I have. Oh god... this thought just crossed my mind but I don't actually know if it will happen cause I think it's just stupid but WHAT IF...

Like whoa, I mean Frank walks out, Gerard and Mikey and Bob have to find now BOTH of them who've gone AWOL. Oh, and for sure you need to say what that note to Gerard said. If you don't... watch out. Seriously though. I hated this ending. It was a damn wonderful story but I mean, like... what... the... hell... I really hope Frank doesn't go out and do something stupid and try to kill himself because he thinks he'd ruining lives. He's not. YOU'RE he one ruining our lives xD (No, don't worry. I'm just like, yeah hahaha... meh. Just kinda upset that one of my favorite stories ended this way.)

If you wanna talk to me somewhere, like, message me. (: Haha, I love ALL your stories, even though I'll probably kill you for this one.

Okay, kthxbai.

Author's response

I know you all hate me now -tear-

but seriously, I did all I could to come up with something for that chapter. I hope there will be a sequel, but don't get your hopes too high because I can't think of like one thing to make it about.

I seriously tore through probably half a note book trying to make a plot of some sort for a sequel.