Review for My Only Sunshine

My Only Sunshine

(#) lilrainforest 2008-11-26

I-Is... Emmett going to steal Frankie? Don't make it cliche... please? I just don't want that to happen. Ooh, maybe a Ray x Frank pairing... no. I'm messed. Gerard and Frank ftw. Gah, you make it all so interesting.

I'll follow you on twitter cause I'm a stalker =p

And the baby is changing things for me... Like, it was just four years ago... (?) that Gerard got sober and they were this little band piling into a tourbus playing their hearts out. Now Gerard and everyone... they have families and shit, which is so different. I know Gerard is gonna be a great dad, but oh god, I wonder if the band's dynamic is going to change a hell of a lot... I don't think I can deal with a less energetic MCR.

xo, Ray

Author's response

lol thanks

and yay! i like being stalked xD

my fear with the baby is 1. the next album/tour will be pushed farther back

2. the chances of ferarding on stage go down more >