Review for Just A Little Note

Just A Little Note

(#) fw_loneravenwolf 2008-11-29

I'm qouting nonjon here.(If you don't know nonjon, then search for him and read his stories. Masterpiesces.)

--Songfics suck. Even if the sng fits perfectly with the plot. Because if you can't here a song it isn't a song. What we have here is just a piece of poetry. But they still suck---

I probably didn't qoute it word for word. Go to DLP to find the real qoute.

Your story was good untill the song butted it's head in it.

Author's response

The whole story was based off the song. You lose that and you lose the story. While people are entilted to their opinuns, degrading all stories that fall under a certain genre simply because one doesn't like them is a tall tale sign of intolerence.

To this 'nonjon', I say: I shall not read the work of a narrow minded writer who has no respect for his fellow writers of a different feild then he.

To you, I say: If you don't like a practicular genre, you shouldn't read them. If you do read them (which you shouldn't considering you think songfics suck anyway), leave you're completely useless opinuns to yourself. I don't mind constructive critism, but saying my story sucks just because its a songfic is sheer idiocy.