Review for My Only Sunshine

My Only Sunshine

(#) lilrainforest 2008-12-01


-punches air-

I'm actually really happy and I did read the flashbacks. God, you were right. They were actually really really powerful.

Like, it made me laugh and cry and want to scream. Shut you're a good writer.

How is Frankie gonna break it off with Em? D: I dont' want him to get hurt but, I LOVE FRERARD.

This creates problems. How come I think Emmett is going to get in the way of this again somehow? I don't know I just get this feeling that revenge is going to happen.

Like Emmett is going to do something really stupid. =\

More more more!!!!!

xo, Ray

(I'd rather not do my art/math/french/socials homework.)