Review for My Buny Hutch

My Buny Hutch

(#) cloneserpents 2008-12-06

An idea that popped up concerning BenRG’s “unanticipated consequences:” subtle, but unconscious metamorphmagus abilities

“Harry, do my breast seem a bit larger and firmer?”
“Let me check.”
“Well, are they?”
“Don’t know, I’m still checking.”

Author's response

Hey again, Clone!

/Num num num/. Seem perfect to me! I wonder...would her prior experience with polyjuice and Millicent's cat-hairs have lasting consequences? I recall reading something recently where Hermione was having a heated discussion with Mme. Pomfrey, about just that. Hermione's last comment was: "I am not a furry!"

"Harry? Are you finished checking?"

"Nope! Mama!