Review for Saint Lily

Saint Lily

(#) ThreeCheersForMCR_x 2008-12-12

Firstly, I just have to say how incredible this story has been. I have been following it since it basically started; even before I got an account on FicWad. And it has always been my favourite story. It's just so real you know? Sometimes I forget that this is a story and for a moment, in reality, I think of Bert as your fictional Bert, as well as Gerard. You have a real talent to enable people to believe it.

I am so sorry that it is ending. Even though you didn't update regularly, I always check for if you have updated. And when you had, it gave me butterflies and a big grin on my face. If you hadn't already realised, I am in love with this story. And I am in LOVE with your Bert. Man, I have never loved a fictional character as much as your Bert. Is that sad? Oh well.

Anyways, I loved this chapter. I love the way you explained Lily's thoughts. Well, I just loved Lily's thoughts full stop in this chapter. I totally agree with her and her whole opinion on music and how it should be. Though is there going to be an epilogue? I think it would be great if there was, but it's your story, your decision.

I'm extremely happy you finally finished this story. Congrats! But I'm also devastated, in a way. But the happiness overpowers the devastation. Well done. :)

-Emily xo.

Author's response

I do have an epilogue...but i dont know if i should post it.
Maybe only to you guys.
The reason I made this story originally was bc there were SOOOO many stories out there HORRIBLY written, and most of them made Bert out to be this crazy fucker who abused Gerard or beat up/raped people.
So...I started writing this.
If i had one wish this story were real...and that I was Lily.
Wouldnt everyone though?
Thank you all so much for being so nice to me :)
And for supporting this little story through and through.
And Im totally devastated too.
But...there are a lot of stories on here that never end...and drag on and on...and i think thats just tacky.
You know?
I think it HAD to end.
But I am sad too.