Review for Don't take away my life support Mama

Don't take away my life support Mama

(#) canustakemyheart 2008-12-27

I just wrote you a long ass review in your other story too.

This was really gripping. I know Gerard's just playing the "surrogate" here, but I hope it helps you to write this type of stuff out. I know it helps me get through some shit when I write.

What's kinda weird to me, is that I never went through really crazy stuff when I was actually a teenager. Yeah, I had depression and a little bit of anxiety. I was a total outcast kid .. a nerd ... no one talked to me ... I only had a few close friends. Somehow I got through high school and when the real depression and anxiety hit, I was in collage. What I didn't know (at the time), was that my brand of "self medication" was making everything worse. I'd had a couple therapists prescribe me pills as well. They seemed like they would work - offer me a small crutch for a little while - then drop me even further down. I lost touch with the fact that EVERYONE gets depressed - it's like a normal human emotion. Everyone deals with that a little differently. I thought there was something seriously wrong with me, so I turned to other shit to escape. Gerard himself has been there. He's almost said the exact same fucking thing in fact. I think the point that I'm trying to make is that he made it out and I made it out. Other people can make it out too. If that makes sense.