Review for The Hearts that Seldom Speak

The Hearts that Seldom Speak

(#) Ithilwen 2008-12-28

I get the crackfic aspect of this, but Perusal is right. This needs some beta-ality. Just because you wrote it at two in the morning doesn't mean you can't edit it the next evening. And just a quick run through spellchecker would have caught a lot of this stuff.

What I used to do when I had a 'fic burning a hole in my hard drive was post it to an Inuyasha fanwriter forum for my buddies there to beta for me. That way, I knew the product of my evil brain was out on the Internet but that I could still wait and post only the finished version to the fanfic sites like Ficwad and ffnet.

Author's response

I have now changed both chapter sand will soon write a new chapter. This is my first Inu Fic, so i will edit regularly