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THe Hot spring Confession

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Mirolu is part of a strenge sect of wrior monks, the girls are keeping a secret, and a demonic cult wants to rule the world. not much changed, really. also, little if any actual smut in my fics mo...

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Here is a quick sum up of this fanfics backstorry: 2 year s have passed since narraku died,
parrings are Sessh/Rin,mir/san, inu/kag, and ship/sat Later on. there will be many... things implied, pls remember i m a huge inu fan but a first time inufic writer. Time passes quickly and there will be a few strange things happening, bear with me, ok? If you do, im rather sure youll enjoy this story. PS Satsuki and Shippo are both older in the later chapters. They are14 then instead of 10.

DISCLAIMER unfortunately i dont own inuyasha. if i did, i wouldve given him to my girlfreind as an aniversary present by Now

Kagome was hurt. She Was, to put it more plainly, devestated. Inuyasha Had been acting like he cared. She was sure that the time was right to tell the truth. She had been wrong. "WHY? why cant he just.... care. why does he do this to me?" She sobbed.

"Inuyasha,... Can I talk to you" Kagome said. "Sure, whats going on" said The silver haired (slightly arogant) half demon. Kagome steeled herself. if i dont tell him now, will i ever be able to. I have to at least try to...confess she thought. "Inuyasha, listen. I have Known You for over 2 years now, and I.... Well, i mean i, I, I.......INUYASHA I'VE FALLEN IN LOVW WITH YOU"
-eep- Kagome covered her mouth eith both hands, but too late. the damage had been done. "Kagome.... i..." Inuyasha was dazed. To her, he looked horrified. "Inuyasha... Im not asking you to say you feel the same, oranything but... if you you could just give me achance..... Mabey you could fall for me? Eventualy? Just tell me..... Is there any hope of that?" She tried to do damage control to some extent, but mostly she pleaded with him. She realized she had been foolish, but she had done what she thought best. "Kagome... i just dont know...wha-" Before he could say anything else , Kagome choked back tears and ran. She ran from her own foolishness, her love, her pain , and her Shatterd Hopes. She ran to the one place he wouldnt follow (she hoped)- the hot springs.


As she Sank lower into the water, Kagome felt The pain start to slip away, as blessed nubmness washed through her.
Until she heard his voice.
"Kagome! WAIT!" Inuyashs cried out, and in his unusual hurry, he tripped. Thats right, tripped. For the first time in years, the damn tree roots got him. He tumbled into the water , only to come face to face with Kagome- a very NAKED Kagome.
He turned around quickly, and began to speak, Blushing furiously. "You never let me finish, Kagome. I was saying that i didnt know what to say, but i know now. Kagome, i have no idea if i love you, but if what im feeling right now isnt love, its sure as hell the closest thing to it i ever felt. The way i felt about kikyo was nothing prepared to this. I think i migh be falling for you. If you want to ... be together, then id be happy to try. I.... i shouldnt have waited so long to tell you. I'm ... "Inuyasha, unable to finish the sentence just stared Stubornly at the rock that was onthe other sid of the hot springs.... AWAY from the indecent kagome. " Inuysha, if you really mena that.... then id love to give US a try... as a couple." Kagome said , only half remembering that she was still naked. She got dressed as soon as she rememberd, and then walked over to her new boyfreind. "Im sorry i ran off, inuyasha. I would like to talk agian soon... but not at the hot springs next time ok?" "Sure... anata." Inuyasha said, and then, hand in hand, they walked off. (Ps, Inu isn't totaly OOC [out of character] here, he's just being more... romantic. Caring. Open.... okay he's slightly OOC but i think its an improvement. Its just an expansion of Rumiko's [inuyashas creator] carefully constructed and sparesly placed humanish moments, when he drops the tough guy act )
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