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The Dark Wedding

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Inuyasha woke up and went to the mirror. HE didn't like kagome's idea, but.... it was KAGOME'S idea. Ignoring her "sugestions" was a very good way to get slamed into the ground by that damn necklace and Kagome's "sit" command. So, he dressed himself up in something kagome called a "tuxedo" and tried not to galre at his reflection TOO much.

"HEy Monk!" Inuyasha yelled to his best freind Miroku. "You panicking yet?" "No, not yet" Miroku lied (fooling no one). "Its just my wedding day, after all." "Exactly. You're marrying Sango today. You expect me to beleive you're not terrified, you'l have to do better than that." Inuyasha replied with a crooked smirk. "Just drop it, Both of you," said Shippo as he walked forward wearing his own tuxedo."WHY did you guys let Kagome plan the wedding. I never heard of a "ring bearer" or a "best man" till now. I gotta carry some stupid rings, Inuyasha has to act his own age, and-" Shippo was cut off as Inuyasha's fist landed hard on his head. "Let's just get this over with" said Shippo, Slowly getting back up on his feet.

"Do you, Miroku-""Yes" Miroku said quickly, cutting off Kadae's sermon. "You're supposed to hear the question first" she murmered. "And do you, Sango-""YES"Sango interupted loudly."Then i pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride and Stop interupting me."

The Party Kagome put together was great, except for one thing. One uninvited guest showed up.
"Congratulations"said a strange old man. Then began his speach.
"I bring you a message from my late master. His death does not end your troubles. I give you now a curse from him. Naraku's death may releive you now, but soon you will realize that slaying him was a grave mistake. As your bloods mix with ancient accursed creatures, remember that you have brought this upon yourselves." then, he was gone.

"What do you suppose that meant?" asked seshomaru, managing to sound allmost interested.
"I think i know" muttered the pale groom. "But i hope i'm wrong."
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