Review for Unpredictable


(#) theVerb 2008-12-29

You write a Snape-Hermione story -- a pairing which is very unpopular on this site. Why is that? Because disrespect and hatred is not a mask to hide love and affection. It is simply disrespect and /hatred/. I know that SS-HG is gushed over by numerous fans, but you won’t find many here. Lurking the site and checking out other stories and reviews could easily tell you that.

Then you have the reprehensible act of Snape raping Hermione. I swear that poor girl has been sexually assaulted so many times in fanfiction. It has become a disgusting cliché.

Then you have Hermione love him despite the heinous crime because she is pregnant from the assault (see above for “disrespect” and /”hatred”/). I can understand loving her unborn baby, despite the violent act of his or her conception, but loving the man who forced himself upon her is ludicrous and actually frightening.

Then you have Snape verbally abuse Hermione and she still loves him for it. Because she sees the beauty hidden deep inside him that no one else can see -- complete drivel. Even in this story, Snape has given no clue or inclination for affection toward Hermione (showing her only disrespect and hatred) until the very end when he admits that he's a difficult man to love (the rape sort of implies that).

And worst of all, you get upset that someone flamed you? Please, if you didn’t want someone to flame then you wouldn’t have posted this completely flame-worthy story.