Review for This Is The Worst Day Ever

This Is The Worst Day Ever

(#) neve 2009-01-05

lol, i truly needed a laugh and that was great. You know i love the fact you're doing a Lindsey POV. I burst out laughing at the bit where she shut the door on her mum as her mum tried to finish her sentence.

I think the tampon thing is a rite of passage for most girls. Gotta have a bit of humiliation.

ps) so worth waiting for a starbucks :)

Author's response

Aww thanks, Im glad it made you laugh. I thought me being a girl doing a Gerard one would be a bit weird.

Heh, me and my mum it's like a funny sorta relationship sometimes wer best friends others wer worst enemies. I am a really cheeky child though =S

Like right now Im meant to be sleeping as I have to be up in like, what? Six hours. I'll just read your new chap, review then sleep haha.

Oh the tampon thing, If that ever happened I would die!


thanks for your review =)

dondon xo.