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This Is The Worst Day Ever

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Triology SOC Lindsey POV. Short story of why life sucks sometimes.

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Okay so prepare for me to vent about my last couple of days through a Teen Lyn-Z SOC chapter. I was gunna do Gerard but I can't.

Alarm clock, no! Go away, I don't want to get up for work but I have to, I already missed yesterday. How was I supposed to know the 3rd was a Saturday?

"Lindsey get up, I already woke you once"

She did? Wow, I must be tired I don't even remember.

"Yeah, coming"

Okay so what to wear today? Black pants, check. Black shirt, check. Black braclet, check. Hmmm, thats a lot of black, I think I better balance it out. Oohh shark tooth necklace I bought yesterday, perfect. Hair, eck it's a mess but at least I washed it yesterday. Okay brush it and make it look some what presentable, there ya go just stick a random hairband in it.

"Lindsey c'mon hurry up!"

"Im coming! Give me time"

Shoes? Where did I put them. Fuck, I just stood on something sharp. This room is a fucking bomb site, I seriously need to clean it. You can barely see the floor, that's bad right? Okay so shoes, bag, i-pod, money, phone. Sorted. Let's go or Im gunna be late.

"Finally, your going to be late if we don't hurry"

"Yeah, yeah..."

Car rides. Always pretty silent, probably cause no human should be up at this time. Meh, I'll just stick my headphones in. That will pass the time.

Some moments later (more like an hour)

Wow that did pass the time. Where here already.

"Bye mam"

"See ya later, text me when..."

Oh too late car door is shut. Just turn round and give her a little wave. There you go, now off to work. Blergh.

After work

Okay so nothing much happened at work today apart from the fact five minutes before the shop opened the boss decided to give me a crash course on the tills, shove me on them first thing and not even stay with me to help. So yeah, not much. I left every dam security tag and set the alarms off like 12 times, I think thats a new record for the store. Ha.

Right, to starbucks I go.

"Dam, long que"

Should I wait? is starbucks, it's worth it right?

Ten minutes later

Okay, starting to not be worth it right now. The ass hat in front of me wont stop swapping places in the que with his friend, what the fuck? Just stand in the line like everyone else! Okay he has left now, move up quick before he comes back! Right, my turn next.

Five minutes later

Tap foot, tap foot, tap fucking foot. If the dude in front doesn't decide what he wants right now Im gunna grab a cherry mocha and stick it so far up his...Oh my turn, yey.

"Hi, can I have a caramel frappachinuo please?"

"Oh, Im sorry we have no frappachinuo mix left"

-gives him a areyoufuckingkiddingme look-

"If you go downstairs they may have some"

Okay dude, you think Im gunna stand in this gigantic que, wait till my feet hurt, get to the till, order my drink you dont have and then leave to go downstairs and do it all again? Thats a no...!


"Its okay I'll have a caramel hot chocolate instead"

"That's £2.60 please"

Give him the money Lindsey and leave before you headbut him.

"Caramel hot chocolate?"

Mine, grab it and get the hell out of there. You have got to be taking the piss? Who the fuck fills the boiling hot water past the fucking fill line? It's there for a reason you prick stick.

"Ow, ow, fucking hell"

Great, half my drink is all over my shirt and my hand. Urgh could this day get ANY worse?

"Erm, excuse me miss you dropped a tampon over there"

Apparently it could.

A/N- Hahaha, so the last bit about the tampons was a joke but that would of been funny right? The icing on the cake sorta thing.

dondon xo.
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