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Day Two

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Second day of the triology. (A/N at bottom)

"Lindsey! Get up, you have already had a lie in"

Those last two words make me spring up. Lie in. What?! Oh shit Im gunna be late, dammit.

"What? How?"

"Cause it's snowing, I will take you when the road has cleared up"

"But mam I will have to stay longer and I don't want too"

"Fine your dad will take you then"


Right, clothes. Ohh Im gunna wear that new top I bought with minnie mouse on. It sounds preppy in my head but it's really not, ha. Hmm, I'll just log onto my laptop and check my emails. Five minutes and thats it.

Forty minutes later

"Lindsey come on it's 7:20"

Shit! Im still half dressed. Dam the internet and it's distractions.

"Yeah...coming Im almost ready"

Liar. Okay so just throw some pants on, any shoes. Converse, there black they will do. Tie your hair back, clip it and your good to go. Make up can go on in the car.

After running downstairs

"Here's your breakfast"

Ooo toast, yum.

"Thanks mam, bye love you"

Right run out to the car. Don't slip on the snowy icy stuff whatever you do.

Believe it or not, like two hours later

"Jeez, finally were here. I hate traffic"

Get ready to jump out and avoid that bus.

"Bye dad"

Okay, just go in and explain what happened and apologise for being late.

At work

"Hello, sorry Im late the traffic was really bad"

"It's okay, I think everyone is going to be late"

Phew. Infact, I think Im the first one here and Im an hour late. Door opening, who is it? Great. The guy I have a crush on. Just ignore him he is going away now anyways.

Some time later

"Im gunna open up soon"


"Y'know you shouldn't really wear shirts like that"

What the fuck? It's a minnie mouse shirt, calm the fuck down. It's not like it has a giant cock on the front saying suck this or something. Sheesh.


"It's just if managment come in they will go crazy"

Go crazy over a shirt? So they will be prefectly calm about the state of the shop but go ape shit over my clothes. Didn't know I was so important.

Uh oh, she looked at my shoes. Now I admit they aren't fit for work. Black converse with white laces in one shoe and purple checked laces in the other, not so good.

Phew she didn't say anything about those but I wont wear them again, just incase.

A little more time later

"Hey Lindsey can you run to the front of the shop and grab the clipboard please, managment are on their way"

"Yeah sure"

Oh yeaaah, when managment come you get your act together. And sure, why not put me at the front when you just said they will go crazy over my clothes. Just hold the clipbaord to your chest and they may not notice.

I can't believe I have to be one of those annoying people who ask you to fill in a survey. I hate them, now I have to be one of them.

Ooooo, here come managment. Just smile and try not to vomit.

"Hello there"


Jeez, who shoved the rod up their asses? Walking cardboard those two. All they do is come in and criticise the shop. If there that bothered why don't they fucking do something about it? Oh yeah, cause that would involve actually doing some work.

What a suprise, I have asked like 10 people and nobody wants to do a survey. Im glad. Im saying 'Hello, could I interest you in filling this survey in' but inside Im screaming 'Dont fucking do it! Say nooooo! Walk away, its a con and a waste of your time!'

But I can't say that or I will get fired. Hey! Theres a thought...I should really stop putting ideas into my own head.

After work cause nothing else decent happened

Smooooooothies. Yeaaah! Okay I love smoothies, if I could only get the straw in.

Dam to fucking hell! I spilled smoothie on my coat and it's running down my pants. Just act cool, wipe it away quick! At least it wasn't hot starbucks this time. Im so messy and clumsy.

Okay drink it quick before you go into the store. Damn why did I get a medium, now I need to pee.

"Hello would you like a basket?"

"Um, yeah sure"

Just take one and be nice. Okay fill it up with sale items you don't need. Actually, I like all these things I have chosen. Okay now to the changing rooms.

"Hello there, how many items?"

"Just one"

"Alright, Im going to give you three others to make it up to four okay?"


Why do people do that?! I can count and I know adding three to one makes four but what does it matter? Im not going to try the others on anyway so why can't I take just one in. That is one thing I can never fucking understand. I doubt the changing room is going to spit me out if I only take one piece of clothing in. Sheesh.

In the background

"Hahahaha Oh Yazzie, thats sooo funny!"

"I know right, I can't get them on hahahaha"

Oh great, shout it louder the whole store might hear you. The whole time I have been trying this on they have been talking away in annoyingly high pitched stupid voices. Im in a really happy mood to shop and if they spoil it I won't be fucking happy! Just get out and buy the dam skirt. I never wear skirts so Im suprised I even tried this on. Maybe a new years thing.

"Hello, would you like a bag?"

Nooo, Im gunna carry all this shit in the five hands I don't have. Of course I need a bag you douche.

"Yes please"

"That's £24 please"

Shit I don't have enough money in my purse. Do I fess up or run like hell and pray to god I don't get caught? Well Iam wearing comfy shoes.....

A/N- I had enough money in my bank I just didn't take it out. What do you guys think I did in the end? Run or Fess up.

Im going to do the last day tomorow cause I know it's going to be bad. Im going to the dentist, how could it be anything other than awful?

dondon xo.
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