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Day Three-Part One

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Day Three Part One.

Wow, I woke up myself this time. Pat on the back for Lindsey.


"Im up, Im up!"

Sheesh, it's half five in the dam morning, it should be illegal for anyone to be awake at this time. Okay clothes, better where something 'managment friendly' all black today then.

Ten minutes later

Heh, Im actually ready on time for once. Mittens, where are they? Okay got them, and my money. I need my money.

"Mooooom !"

"Shhhh! What?"

"I need my money out of the safe"

"Okay, here is yours"

"Thats only $140, I had more than that"

That sounded less bratty in my head.

"The rest is your sisters"

"But I had more, I know I did"

"You didn't"

"But Karlie said she only had $50 so the rest is mine"

"There is $340 here all together, £140 is yours, the other $200 is your sister's"

"But she said she only had $50 left, so..."


"Yeah but I...


Can parents not do simple maths these days? Obviously not.


"Oh, m-m-y god, it's fre-e-e-zing"

Fucking hell. Let's check the car thermomter, minus five degrees, christ! No wonder Im so cold.

I hate car rides, there boring and quite.

At work

Great, another day in this glorious shithole. Let's go see what they want me to do now.

"Okay, Lindsey, can you help us do Rosa?"

Excuse me? Do who?

"Um, what's that?"

"Were going to scan everything on the shop floor and type in what sizes are needed so we can replenish the stock"

Ha, replenish. I like that word.

Back up a second. Scan everything in the shop?! Ohh great...

"Here is your scanner, you know what to do yeah?"


Okay let's get this beepy thing going. Right, -scans- haha, it makes a funny sound. I could get used to doing this.

An hour later

If this beepy thing doesn't go any faster I swear I'll commit. I have scanned 145 fucking bars already, and each bar holds like 12 items. Do you know how many items that is? Me neither.

"Lindsey can you go to the stock room for me please?"

"Yeah sure"

Stock Room

Oh no. The creepy dude is there. He creeps me out. Duh I just said that, haha. He looks at you like he is gunna jump on you, eat you and rape you. In that order. Don't make eye contact!

"Shoes, get some shoes"

Okay Im talking to myself, weird? Ahhh he is edgin over, I can't move, Im stuck between him and a brick wall. I choose the brick wall! It's too fuckin' quiet. I never speak to him because, one he creeps me out and second when he does speak it's all mumbly jumbly. Im not even sure it's english.

"Hello and your listening to Galaxy radio, after these announcments we will be playing Pink- Rockstar"

Ooo, yey. Agh, he is still there, just pretend to look for some more shoes. Don't look at him. Dam this akward silence.

"Do you never have anywhere to keep your coins, reciepts or pens?"

"Well fear no more. The Boob bag is here. The easiest way to keep things close is just by putting them down your cleavage....."

Oh my! Ground please, swallow me up now. Of all the times a stupid rude advert had to come on, the radio chooses now? Gah, I can't look at him even more now. Rustle the bags maybe he wont hear the radio.

Right he has gone, run now and avoid him at all costs.

After Work

Phew, glad that's over.

"Smoothie, yum"

Okay, you did great, You didn't spill it on yourself this time. Another pat on the back for you Lindsey. Now let's go shopping!

Im on a roll, even though I only bought tights and DAM, there the wrong kind. Urghhhh! Back to the till....

That woman was a bitch. Sorr-ee for interrupting your bitching session about your boss, y'know, the one who employed your sorry ass!

"Dad, yeah its me, can you pick me up now?"

"Okay thanks, see ya soon"

Right, better get going to the other side of this gigantic mall or else my dad will be waiting.

"Excuse me"

Old women. I hate it when they gather at the top of an escalator and block it off. Then you say excuse me and all of a sudden they go deaf. It's like what the fuck? Why do they do that anyways, do they get some weird kick out of making people late? Anyways, now Im past the three witches of eastwick I can get moving again.

/Right Im at the car park and I have been for like ten minutes. Where is he?"

"Dad where are you?"

"Blue mall"

"What?! Im in red...I told you to go there"


"Doesn't matter I'll walk to the blue"

Never rely on dads. Ever. Seriously, Im tired off work and I wanna get home. Well now Im going to make you wait. I'll walk real slow, and maybe fall in a couple of shops on the way, accidentally of course.

A/N- Day Three Part Two tonight when I come back from the dentist. IF I come back.....

An hour till I go! ¬_¬
Better start brushing my teeth now.

dondon xo.
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