Review for This Is The Worst Day Ever

This Is The Worst Day Ever

(#) neve 2009-01-06

I can't rate because i used all my points and it's only Tuesday damn - blame canustakemyheart for writing such an amazing story.

Anyway, loved the update and you have such a way for writing about everyday things and making them so funny.

Why do old ladies do that? My particular favourite is them standing chatting in groups in supermarket aisle particularly on christmas eve. ahhh.

I did something really random today. An old lady just asked me out of the blue for a lift down the town. I had just come out of work and immediately said yes (it was really cold and had been snowing). I have a hard time saying no. It wasn't until she was sitting in my car that i thought "fuuuucccckkk i don't know you and you could be a knife weilding serial killer granny" Maybe i shouldn't do that again

Author's response

Aw, its fine. Thanks for the thought anyways :)

It must be some ritual they all have. Maybe when we reach a certain age they will let us in on the secret.

Wow, thats brave on both parts. Like you say she could have been a killer granny, but you could of also been some psyco and drove off with her. Maybe you were being punked?

Haha. There was a hitch hiker at the side of the road a few days ago wanting a ride to york (which is pretty far from wer he was) and I was like "MOM LOOK! DONT PULL OVER!"

She was like, Im on the motorway I couldn't even if I wanted too whcih I wouldn't and then I got this whole lecture about strangers asking for lifts.

Thanks so much for the review :D

dondon xo.