Review for This Is The Worst Day Ever

This Is The Worst Day Ever

(#) iwillstakeyourheart 2009-01-06

In response to your response ...

It could just be a "whenever you feel like" story, ya know? And there's no way canustakemyheart would think you're stealing his idea ! You could even skip around in Lindsey's timeline and do what MCArmyWife did and write the counterpart to one of the "moments" canustakemyheart does that includes Lindsey =)

Well, all I'm saying, is don't rule it out because you're doing a good job with these and you're making everytone laugh!

Author's response

Yeah I get you, like when something appropriate comes up. If I do that I really hope he doesn't mind, cause I would hate for anyone to feel as though Im copying. But I take your word for it :)

If he was okay with me doing that I guess it's worth a try. Thanks so much for reviewing and being so nice about it :)

dondon xo.

P.S- Are you ever gunna write anything? After the Kat POV I think you should give it a shot!