Review for This Is The Worst Day Ever

This Is The Worst Day Ever

(#) iwillstakeyourheart 2009-01-06

Eww, why is there always like a creepy dude no matter where you're working? When we still lived in L.A. I was working at this production company and there was this totally disgusting guy who was probably like in his late 40's that would just glare at me. It made me really uncomfortable because the whole time I was thinking not only "ewww", but also, "God what the fuck is on that guy's mind right now?" It got to me enough that I eventually said something about it to the hubby. Of course he was upset about it but mostly because it was making me upset. Well the next week I noticed the guy wasn't looking at me and then hubby tells me that over the weekend he drove over there early one morning and waited for the guy to show up for work and I guess basically gave him a, "if you fuck with my wife any more I'll find a legal way to make your life hell" speech. LOL


Oh and yeah, old ladies -what's up with them? I was in the store last week and I was just going along with my cart and there's these two that just kind of set up shop in an aisle (both with carts as well that effectively blocked everything) and I was like, "excuse me" and I wasn't rude about it, but they both just glared at me and made it seem like a huge inconvenience that I intruded on their conversation. Pfft.

OMG this is long, random review! LOL

Author's response

Omg, I know it's like a 'must have' or something. That must have been awful for you, wondering what was on his mind. I know I was kinda thinking the same. It was just me and him in a lonley stock room, thick concrete walls and up two flights of stairs with a radio playing. I was thinking if he does something Im fucked (maybe literally, ew)

Well, I dont have a hubby to say it too haha but it's only natural for someone to be upset that some weirdo is creeping out his wife.

Omg lol, that is funny in a really sweet way.

I could rant about old ladies alllllll day! Haha. Urgh that's so rude, I mean they expect you to be rude and just shove their cart out the way and when you don't and your nice about it they still complain.

Long random reviews are the best! :D

thanks again for taking the time to read and review!

dondon xo.