Review for I Hope You Choke On Your Words

I Hope You Choke On Your Words

(#) canustakemyheart 2009-01-07

I liked this ... you did a good job at getting that emotion across.

What do I do when I'm angry? Ooo boy. Well, I used to be one of those that would just take shit and take shit and then explode (so implode to explode?) ... Although I've mellowed out a lot because I'm actually pretty happy with life the last few years or so, but I think I'll always be one of those revenge people. I think it's the Italian side. LOL Anyway, yeah I'd yell and all that, but I've also done shit like throw my fist through walls : /

Author's response

Thank you very much :)

Yeah that would be it, the way you write your stories (and the one iwillstakeyourheart told me about the creepy guy harrasing her) I wouldn't think you were explosive at all, and because you remind people of Gerard I would think you would be sickly implosive haha (in a good way)

Oh god, don't tell me your half scottish too? haha.

Fist through a wall hmmmm...I've done object throwing, hitting, screaming, running away, mute, breaking things, never a fist in the wall. I'll add that to my list xP

thanks for the review!

dondon xo.