Review for I Hope You Choke On Your Words

I Hope You Choke On Your Words

(#) neve 2009-01-07

Hi Dondon,

ohh interesting start and something so different. I could just picture Gerard standing at that fridge trying to stop himself getting all mad. I love the way i can so easily picture what's happening in the way you write.

When i'm angry? I'm afraid i'm a bottler. I let things all build up and then get so mad with myself for letting people treat me like shit. It's not healthy though and it's caused me loads of grief.

I get mad for other people though (what's with that?) if i see something happening which is totally wrong.

Author's response

Hey there neve. Thank you! :)

It's probably cause when I wrote it, about ten minutes before hand I was standing at the fridge doing the exact same thing xD

Aww, My little sister is like that, let's everyone push her around. I think that's the cause of some of my anger because I get mad at anyone who is mean to her because she is so nice and wont get angry at them so they take advantage of that and walk all over her. Im getting angry just thinking about it now lmao.

It isn't healthy at all, I hope you don't get really ill over it!

I get mad like that sometimes too, like even if I'm watching TV and something wrong happens (especially animal cruelty) I just want to throw the TV out the window!

thanks so much for your review :D

dondon xo.