Review for Frerard.


(#) TrekkieMonster 2009-01-07

Down with Gerbert!!! And Waycest ['s illegal...let it die.]

I agree! -.-

Albi [yes, it's really me, this isn't just Trexx trying to prove a point or something]: Firstly, to IeroMyHero: I'm not trying to end Gerbert. I just think a Frerard section would be easiest because it's like the second most popular category [second to "girl-fucking-the-band" stuff].
And to Tag [sorry peeps, my computer throws tantrums when I hit "reply to review"]: I LOVE YOU. You're like the only other person I've met on here who hates those LynZ/Gee and/or Jamia/Frankie things.
Exx-oh, Albii