Review for The Magical School of MogenHeld

The Magical School of MogenHeld

(#) Lord_Sia 2009-01-13

I agree with the others. Good story, if a bit clicheed. You would do well with a beta to check for those pesky little errors and annoying repetitions. I believe that it would be better to have Harry go through all of the memories while sorting them; if he's supposed to have eidetic memory after learning the art, shouldn't that be how you learn what to hide, how to suppress emotions, thoughts and memories, how to face your fears and stuff?
On the subject of pairings, I agree; if you write Ginny as anything other than the submissive/masochistic footstool/punchbag from "Crack'd Mirror" (great lemon-fic, BTW, if a bit sickening due to certain events that are amusing, but nauseating...), I will stop reading. Hermione... No, can't really see it. Or rather, I can, but she would SO crimp his style, dude. I've read stories with Daphne, Tracey and Co with varying degrees of success, it's mainly about how you write them. I love Luna Lovegood though, Gabrielle Delacour is hot (although she might be a bit young, pendinghow you write it) and recently I read some good stuff with Su Li. She's a minor character, and there's a lot of room for creativity. Plus, I've always had a weakness for the asian school-girl... Gah! Bad thoughts, bad thoughts, naughty thoughts, need cold shower...
Overall, pretty nice fic, I hope you'll keep it up.