Review for You Wouldn't Like It In My Mind Pt. 1

You Wouldn't Like It In My Mind Pt. 1

(#) SayakaNakamura 2009-01-17

interesting, to say the least. I hope that's not what your mind's really like. If it is, you need professional help. Like NOW! I know this is kinda contradictory to what i just said, but in a strange way, it almost reminded me of myself, on a bad day anyway. Well then, good luck!

Author's response

Everybody has madness in them. it just takes one bad day for it to come out and then you show the world who you really are inside. i'm just one of those people that wants the world to know who and what i really am. in my opinion, there is no point of putting a front up and pretending. i probably do need help, but i'll wait till that time comes. Thanko for finding it interesting, though.