Review for You're all so fucking gay.

You're all so fucking gay.

(#) thnksfrthmmrs_101 2009-01-17

ok first off, you might watch interviews of panic at the disco and say "wow these guys really are assholes" ,thats cool and all but you have to remember THEY ARE SARCASTIC ASS HELL.You might be getting confused. second pete wentz is an asshole because he's pete wentz. He may be arrogant but thats the way he rolls. deal with it. then again many people from chicago (not all) have his attitude.(i am one.)
next you are talking all this shit when you have a panic at the disco story on your account.That really does tell me something about you.

leave the the people who write and read these stories alone. Maybe they write to get their mind off of things at home or at school. I know thats one reason why i read these.

i admit i don't know these guys personally, i met panic at the disco before... they were pretty cool. Still waiting to meet fall out boy... when i do i'll let you know.

p.s. green day are too pussy shit to come back as their own band so they made a whole new one. go look it up and be their fan too.