Review for As Of Yet, Untitled.

As Of Yet, Untitled.

(#) lacerationgravityxxx 2009-01-19

i'm glad you updated! this was really good!

poor Egan and good on Gerard for being so understanding! i'm so glad she went back upstairs and explained.

bless her!

a little bit about me...

i am female and i live in England. and i unashamedly like reading fan fiction!!

and some of you guys who post here are very talented!

keep up the good work!

Author's response

Yeah, yeah, poor Egan...I'm just kidding. You're right, bless Gerardd for being understanding. But he wouldn't be anything else, right?

Egan's indication of things to come.

I always wanted to go to England. Some of the greatest authors originated there. And it snows there too! And obviously, I like fanfiction too, though none of my friends know I write it. And I agree, some of the writers on here are mad cool.