Review for Doll House

Doll House

(#) _cranium_ 2009-01-19

having two little sister and two brothers myself, the sacrifice gerard did seemed kind of obvious, predictable. but that's not an entirely negative thing in this case, seeing as though it was the only way, none of us wanna see (or read about) gerard killing his very own brother. It was a twisted turn though, to declare the last doll broken. "has to be discarded". that was truly genious, and two simple words "kill him". very rousing.
I realyl liked the way each one was it's own kind of doll, and the games gerard had to play, and win, were especially designed for the certain kind of doll. rug doll, voodoo doll, porcelain doll and a marionette. a broken, useless marionette at that.
that was really my favorite thing about the whole story, that the title 'doll house' didn't only refer to the fact that they were trapped in a huge house, controlled by an unkown party and had to get out, but the fact that they were nothing but dolls in this game, some (like frankie) even in the literal sense of the word. gerard, on the other hand, could mostly be called a doll because of the fact that someone controlled him, watched him and made him 'play' according to her will. the whole concept was extremely interesting and caught my attention at once.
thanks :) oh and sorry for the rant and all the useless analysis.