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"No one gets left behind." I told Bob. "For all we know Frank's already dead. One way or another, all five of us are getting out of this fucking place." I said sternly.

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Chapter Four: Busted

"Who's first?" Ray asked with a sigh as he opened the door to reveal a stair well.

"I'll go." I said exhaustedly. It was my job to set Mikey free when we found him. I might as well be the first to see the situation. Ray pushed the door open all the way and stepped aside as I started down the stairs. I rested my right hand on the railing and carefully stepped down each metal step; my shoes clinking against them. Like I said, my arms were pretty numb now. "Careful;" I called up to them when I reached the bottom. "The steps are small."

Ray stepped down the first few steps then turned to walk sideways as he made sure Bob was able to make it down safely since Frank was on his back. The basement we were in was cold and it stung my bare chest but I kept my mouth shut. The cool air actually helped take the slight burning sensation I still felt away. My only fear was Frank; he already told me he was cold earlier. It was considerably different in temperature down here than in the rest of the fucked up house. "Now what?" Bob asked when we were all on the bottom.

"We find a light." Ray said. The light from the main floor just illuminated the stair well. Ray managed to locate a hanging string which he pulled, a light bulb bursting on and a scream escaping Bob's mouth. I didn't make any noise, nor did Ray because it wasn't that shocking to us. I had seen a lot of shit in this house and Ray watched my arms burn; this was mild.

There were skeletons lying all over the place. Like it was the storage room for the failures. They wore ripped up clothes, bloodied and dirty. It didn't smell though so they were bones before they were thrown down here. "Just come on." I said, walking over skulls, arms, legs, and everything else to a door I saw. There was a light switch before the door and I flipped it on; figuring it lit whatever was behind the door up. "Bob, no more screaming." I warned him.

"I'm sorry." Bob mumbled. "I just didn't expect it."

"This is nothing." Ray told him, following me and standing beside me. "It'll only get worse as we go farther." Bob nodded a little, holding to Frank a little tighter. "How you doin Frank?" Ray asked before we went any farther. He didn't reply. "Frank?" Ray asked, a little worriedly. Still nothing. Ray pressed his fingers to Frank's wrist. "He's still got a pulse." Ray said fearfully. "I-I don't think he's going to make it though."

"Don't say that." I shot at Ray. I wasn't going to let Frank die. "He's not joining these." I said, motioning to the bones lying around. "He's a fighter; you should know that by now." Ray just frowned at me the put his hand on the door knob. "Let's get this over with." I said impatiently, looking to for a brief moment. Bob seemed a little apprehensive to be holding him because Frank could die at any moment and he didn't want to carry a dead person; even if it was one of his best friends.

"Give me him." I told Bob with annoyance. He looked at me strangely so I walked to him then put my arms around Frank's waist. I didn't care if my arms were on fire again. I wasn't going to let him get left behind; I wasn't going to let him die. "Let go." I instructed Bob who hesitated but did so. Frank's limp body fell into my arms and somehow, I have no idea how, I managed to hold him like Ray had been. "Open it." I told Ray who stared at me with concern but pulled the door open.

Before us stood yet another long hall with doors. This place was a fucking non ending hall. It had to be huge on the outside. "Gerard, I can carry him if-"

"Just walk." I snapped at Ray. I didn't mean to be harsh but time was still dwindling and we had yet another few hundred doors to check. The lights flickered just like the light in my room did and it had the feel of a vacant hospital hall way. Everything seemed to have this greenish tint to it and there were more blood stains; only it was more disturbing. There were trails of blood leading to doors; lines of blood down the walls in groups of five where bloody hands slowly dragged their fingers down. This hallway symbolized complete and utter torture. A large knot began to grow in my stomach.

"Ok well if you need me to-"

"WALK!" I yelled at Ray who quickly turned and started down the hall. I followed him, struggling a little to hold Frank up and completely blocking out the searing pain I felt. Bob stepped over the last few bones and followed me quietly. We took maybe twenty steps before we reached the first door. These doors were different from the rest; they were large metal doors that slid open. Ray did so and instantly shut it again, turning around and covering his mouth as though he was going to puke. "What?" I asked and he shook his head. "Ray, tell me."

"Bodies..." He mumbled, gagging a little. I sighed and walked up to him.

"Here." I handed him Frank and Ray quickly took him, grateful to have something else to focus on. I had to see what was in the room. I knew what I was looking for; signs of Mikey being in there. I slid the door open and instantly realized what Ray meant. I too felt the urge to suddenly throw up but I suppressed it so I wouldn't add to the mess.

It was probably the worst thing I ever laid my eyes on. There were a few tables in the room; across them rotting corpses. The stench was awful but nowhere near as sickening as the sight. Whoever was behind this all had a morbid obsession with dolls. A few bodies were missing limbs; one even missing its head; which rested next to it. The floor was covered in blood stains and there was a drain in the middle. The walls had splattered blood stains and I saw power tools on a table in the far corner. I shut the door, took a deep breath, swallowed hard, and turned back to Ray. "Let's move on." I said almost silently and he nodded.

The next room was no better. In that room found a bunch of bodies; all of which weren't long dead. Maybe a week. They were hanging from poles along the ceiling; hanging like marionettes. Strings where pierced through their wrists and ankles, the strings leading to large wooden x's that balanced on the poles. They were dressed in costume clothing and I quickly shut that door too. My ominous feeling was only growing larger as I searched for my brother.

"I don't feel good..." Bob mumbled as we made our way down the hall.

"Well yeah, this place is disgusting." Ray told Bob. I looked questioningly to him then stopped.

"How warm is he?" I asked Ray. My hands would be of no use. They were scorched; lost feeling. Ray hoisted Frank over his shoulder a little to free his hand which he pressed to Bob's forehead.

"Pretty warm." Ray told me.

"You're sick." I told Bob before we moved on. "You've probably been injected with whatever's killing Frank." I said and Bob stared in terror. "I don't know though. I figured it wasn't as simple as burning the fuck out of my arms then having you just being passed out. The puppeteer isn't that simple." That's what I would call whoever's doing this. That's what they called themselves.

"I-I don't want to die..." Bob told me with fear.

"Then keep walking. The sooner we find Mikey, the sooner we get out of here and to help." I told Bob who nodded, still petrified. I turned towards the hall again to go to the next door. "How's Frank?" I asked Ray who still had him over his non bandaged shoulder.

"I can feel him breathing still." Ray told me and I nodded then went straight for the next door. "You know, there's one at the very end of the hall." Ray said, pointing towards it. "He's more than likely behind that."

"But what if he's behind one of these?" I asked and Ray just looked at me.

"This is imitation horror movie. I think you've watched enough to know how it works." Ray told me and I sighed. "Plus, the smell is really making me nauseous. I'd rather not open the doors to more corpses." He said.

"Fine. But if you're wrong, I'll fucking kill you." I said a little harshly to him. We didn't have time to waste back tracking. We all just headed for the large metal door at the very end of the hall. I actually believed Ray was right. Stuff is usually at the very end of the hall behind some giant door. This was exactly what it was; a giant door at the end of the hall. "You want the honors?" I asked Bob who was sweating now. It's just like with Frank; only I didn't have an antidote for Bob.

"S-sure..." Bob muttered, walking ahead of use and putting his hand on the large metal handle. With a forceful tug, Bob yanked the door open and allowed us inside. I went first; frozen in place after two steps.

"Fuck..." I muttered; Ray standing next to me, matching my horror. "Again, your only job is to protect Frank and now Bob." I told Ray. "I have to find Mikey."

We stood at the upper level of a huge, and I mean huge, lab of some sort. There were test tubes, chemicals; everything you could imagine. It's was horror movie to the maximum. Blood, limbs, bones, organs, everything; strewn across metal tables or floating in jars. There were even large tubes with actual bodies floating in them; boiling actually. You could see the skin melt to the bone. I cringed and really fought off the urge to be sick. "Find a spot to rest." I told Ray a little hesitantly.

"No." Ray told me. "None of us leaves each other's sight." Ray told me.

"Look, Frank's practically dead. Bob's more than likely dying and won't hold up that much longer. You're bandaged beyond belief."

"And you're burned to the bone!" Ray snapped at me. "It doesn't matter! We all do it together and we all die together." He said. "Let's just try to find Mikey so you can do what you need to and we can get the fuck out of here."

"Really don't feel good..." Bob mumbled from behind us. I turned to face him and realized that he was coated in a glossy sheet of sweat; his skin losing color and his eyes losing light. "Just...go on without me..." He said, grabbing his sides and leaning against the wall. Whatever was wrong with him was taking him a lot faster than it was Frank.

"No one gets left behind." I told Bob. "For all we know Frank's already dead. One way or another, all five of us are getting out of this fucking place." I said sternly. Bob's piercing blue eyes met mine; slight hints of gratitude and hope gleaming through the pain. "Now, give me Frank again," I said Ray who placed Frank on my back and I held his legs up while Ray draped Frank's arms over my shoulders, "and you help
Bob." Ray nodded, sliding his arm around Bob to help keep him up as we began to walk towards the metal stairs to take us to the ground level. "Don't touch anything. Just find Mikey."

"And when we do?" Ray asked me a little hesitantly. We had no idea what condition Mikey would be in when we found him but judging by this room, it wasn't going to be pleasant. It looked like a massacre. Like someone just came into a room of people and began to hacking them apart; pulling out their organs and piling them on tables or in jars. Because that's exactly what it looked like. There were tables where actual organs rested. I could easily recognize hearts; rather fresh if I might add. I even spotted a brain or two, still pink. Whoever was doing this was making us have an 'adventure' while she (I'm assuming by the voice) ripped a bunch of innocent people apart.

The bodies in this room were really fresh; they're where the blood and organs came from. Unfortunately, we recognized them as our staff. Well what used to be our staff. They had been sliced open, removed of their insides, sewn together, then dressed up like marionettes; make up carefully painted on their faces like that of puppets. You know, hinges and all. It was all done with makeup but looked very real. Each one had a different costume on and were hanging on what I would guess where monkey bars.

"I found a paper." Ray called to me and I stopped staring at what was once our staff to go to him. I reached him and extended an arm out, ripping the taped piece of paper from the wall. Welcome to my factory. I think you'll find it quite impressive. Here, I build my dolls. I carefully craft each one; each one different from the rest like fingerprints and snowflakes. As you know, marionettes happen to be my favorite. Something about the way they move and look just puts a smile on my face. I felt my body boil with anger again. I wanted to find the person behind this all and just bash their face into the ground; putting them through as much pain and torture as possible. Please, feel free to continue on to my showroom which is behind the red door. You never know what you might find.

"Door." I quickly told Ray, seeing the red door off to the right. He nodded and went to it; basically dragging Bob who was growing weak quickly. To my immense relief, I felt Frank move a little. He was still alive. I don't think anyone has as much strength as he does. I followed Ray to the door and he pushed it open.

I take back everything I've said so far; this room was defiantly by far the most disturbing. Because, like a fucking museum, there were bodies all on display. They had were in glass containers, dressed and painted just like the ones we found 'in the making' on our way through the 'factory'; a small stand resting in front of each with the body's name and 'creation date'. The place had low lighting and even soft music like a museum. It really made me sick. The worst part was eyes; staring at you from all the bodies. Their eyes had been taped or kept open somehow and their vacant eyeballs glared at you emotionlessly. I couldn't look at any of their faces because of it. "Find Mikey." I told Ray quickly.

We made our way through the small museum, glancing quickly in each of the boxes to find my brother. My heart was racing and my head spinning. I had to find him; no matter what. And I did. And I felt like I was going to have a heart attack.

Mikey was unconscious because I screamed his name and he didn't move. But I could see his chest rise and fall very slightly so I knew he wasn't dead. His eyes though were kept open just like everything in display cases all around the 'museum'. He was staring at me and my heart wanted to explode. Ray put Bob on the ground then took Frank from me; resting him next to Bob.

As I looked at his limp body I could tell his arm and leg at least were severely broken. The bones pushed up against his skin. He was sitting up in a chair; well actually he was tied so he sat up; a note next to him. I nearly did have a heart attack when I read the note. Tears began to slip my eyes and down my face again.

Sometimes dolls break and aren't any good; they must then be discarded. I choked on the next too words. Kill him

"Gerard...?" Ray asked from behind.

"No!" I yelled, crumpling the paper up into a ball. "You hear me?! I won't do it!" I screamed. I saw the gun before me that I was supposed to use. I grabbed it, emptied it, and threw it against the wall. I disobeyed. Stronger shocks than before ran through my body. I fell to the ground and cried out in pain.

"Gerard!" Ray yelled, running to me. He grabbed the balled up paper and read it; his face going white. The shocks stopped and my neck burned but I wasn't through. "Oh my god..." Ray mumbled as he read the paper.

"Shock me all you want!" I yelled as I pulled my shaking body back to a standing position. Ray went to Mikey and started to rip the ties off him. More jolts of electricity flew through my body and I fell to the ground this time; my body twitching some now. The pain was extreme but I didn't make a noise. I waited for it to subside before breathing heavily and pulling myself into a sitting position. I couldn't stand now. Ray took Mikey and put him with Bob and Frank; all three the weakest they've ever been in their lives. "I won't kill him!" I screamed even though my throat and entire neck burned almost as much as my arms.

"Gerard, stop it!" Ray said pleadingly to me.

"I can't stop it!" I snapped at Ray. "One way or another it's going to happen! The sick motherfucker behind all of this controls the fucking collar." I spoke loudly. I was already up to level four. Three more and I would be dead. It was only a matter of minutes. I saw a door to the side and motioned for Ray. He ran to the door, and with a lot of struggling and force; he managed to get it open. Sunlight burst into the dim lighted museum; freedom.

Level four quickly shot through my body. My head collided with the floor and my body violently jerked at the electric waves pumped through me. When it settled, I somehow sat back up; feeling warm blood slide down my body. "G-get...them out..." I told Ray. He tried to help me but I hit him away. "Get t-them..." I said harshly to Ray. My body shook and he sighed with frustration but left me to quickly go to the other three. Ray picked Frank up and carried him out of the building. I had no idea what was outside but it was better than being in the house. A few moments later Ray returned without Frank; kneeling down next to me.

"There's a road out there. We're going to get help." Ray told me frantically.

"Out!" I basically hissed at him. Ray looked at me sympathetically, getting up and going to Bob who he helped up and out. Level five put me back on the ground and kept me there. My body jerked uncontrollably and I started gagging; blood coming out of my mouth. Ray returned and looked to me with terror. I couldn't move and my whole body burned. I glared at Ray with as much effort as I could and I saw a few tears slide down his face but the last I saw of him was him carrying Mikey out the door in a hurried manner.

Level six shot through my body, blood coming out of my mouth and a quick pool surrounding me. I felt the warm liquid under me and I felt my body convulse, the light of freedom slowly slipping to black as the last level did exactly what it was supposed to; finish me off. The last thing I heard were cries of disbelief and terror.


A/N-- I love the word 'convulse'

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so...yeah...he found em all. sorry this chapter wasn't as great as I hoped. I didn't want to make myself sick with going into detail exactly what I imagined. it's so weird because I don't even watch horror/gore movies that much. I've seen maybe 3o in total in my life. I don't really like em. But this came to my head and I'm like 'holy fuck i'm demented'

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