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I didn't want to be alone now. I kept my eyes open, afraid to fall asleep;

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Chapter Five: Escape

"What did I tell you about touching him?"

"Fuck off."

"Get off."



"Make me."

"Frank, get off him."

"No." Frank repeated sternly. I heard them talking; faintly. Frank was still alive. I felt some joy run through my otherwise numb body. "He didn't give up on me, I'm not giving up on him."

"Yeah well he's in a coma." Ray said with annoyance. I laughed in my mind. I was not. I was listening to them talk about me. I kept my breathing shallow though so they wouldn't notice. "And you don't need to be in the fucking bed with him."

"I want to be."

"But you don't need to be." Ray said. I was doing all I could not to smile. They amused me so much; always arguing about the stupidest of things. I didn't care if Frank was in the bed with me; wouldn't be the first time. "Until he wakes up-"

"He is awake." Frank replied. Fuck. I blew it.

"What?" Ray asked with confusion.

"Watch." Frank said and I knew that couldn't be a good thing. Next thing I knew, he was poking my sides.

"What did I tell you about touching him?!" Ray snapped at Frank with frustration.

"To not to." Frank replied, continuously poking me. I couldn't help it anymore. I started to smile which made Frank do it more; I ended up laughing. "Told you."

"Fucking bastard!" Ray shot at one of us. My eyes were still closed. "How long have you been awake?" I opened my eyes and looked at him. His skin was cleaned and he had fresh clothes on.

"Few minutes." I told him, still smiling. It didn't take me long to recognize that I was in a hospital. It also didn't take long for me to remember why I was in a hospital. "How is everyone?"

"I'm alive." Frank chimed in a happy childish voice.

"Good." I said, looking at him; pulling myself into more of a sitting position. There were bandages on my arms now. I had to of been out a decent amount of time; or the doctors had tampered with the basically melted skin. "What about Bob and Mikey?"

"Bob's still here and Mikey's resting at home with Alicia." Ray told me, arms crossed as he stood next to us. "I've come to check on you and that," Ray looked at Frank with a annoyance, "has been on you practically every day since he could walk."

"I wanted to make sure he was ok!" Frank whined.

"And you could have done it without being in the bed with him." Ray told Frank again.


"Guys;" I intervened. For whatever reason, this happened often between them. It never got real serious but it got annoying sometimes. "Honestly, I'm amazed I'm still alive."

"So are we." Ray replied a little hesitantly. "I managed to get help. You were like bleeding really bad but still alive. Either way I wasn't leaving you there." He replied, cringing a bit. "We all ended up in here for the first few days."

"Days?" I asked with shock. "How long have I been out?"

"Like a month?" Ray said, frowning a little as he guessed. "We were starting to lose hope. The doctor didn't even think you would last the first night because of your severe burns."

"But you did." Frank said, trying to lighten the mood a little. He shot Ray a warning look but Ray just glared back at him. "You're probably going to want to wear a lot of long sleeves..." Frank said quietly.

"I'm a jacket slut." I replied with a smile. "I think I'm set." I pulled myself up a little more. "So is everyone ok?"

"Physically, for the most part." Ray said, sitting in the chair next to the bed. Frank pulled himself onto my lap and sat there. He's like an oversized child. "Mikey had a busted arm, leg, and a few broken ribs." I twitched a little at thinking about that. He's my little brother. I'm supposed to protect him. I almost got myself killed. "All that happened to me was a bunch of punctured skin. Frank, well you saw him before."

"Thanks." Frank said with sarcasm. "They took the stupid fabric off." Frank said, turning himself to face me. "My tattoos are ruined." He said with a frown.

"But you're alive." I told him and he sighed. Like I said, over sized child. "Bob; what about him?"

"Honestly, no one is sure." Ray said with sorrow. "He'll be perfectly fine one moment, violently ill the next. That's why he hasn't left here yet. Doctors are baffled."

"So what the fuck almost killed you?" I asked Frank who was blowing his bangs out of his face in boredom. "We only had to carry your ass all over the place." I teased him slightly.

"Poison or something like that." Frank said with a shrug. "It was like eating away my body." Frank said as though it was nothing at all. "But they apparently got it all out. I don't feel like death anymore." He replied with a smile.

"You don't look it." I said with a small smile of my own. "You better be grateful you little bitch because I had to touch a needle to save you." I teased him some more. This is just what we did. He teased me all the time and I him.

"I'll remember that next time I'm dying." He said with sarcasm. "I'll be like 'no Gerard! Don't save me! You'll have to touch a needle! Let me die!'" I smacked his arm which caused him to fall over; laughing.

"Be careful!" Ray shot at us. "You still don't have all your strength and you're still burned."

"But I feel fine." I told Ray with a slight sigh. He was always the safeguard for us all. Trying to keep everything balanced and under control. "What about the fucker behind all this? I'm going to kill them."

"Good luck finding them." Ray replied with bitterness. "By the time they got their asses to the building, they didn't find anything. No bodies; nothing." My mouth dropped. I was stunned; how could someone clean out all that in a matter of a few day? I men, they couldn't have waited too long. "Yeah, my reaction too."

"That's fucking bullshit! We all almost died! Our staff did die! Hundreds of innocent people died!" I said with anger. Frank sat himself back up and looked at me to try and calm me down.

"Well they're keeping an eye out for similar situations." Frank said, his amusement completely gone. "At least we're all alive." Frank climbed farther onto me so his face was probably two inches in front of mine. This also isn't anything new. He likes to get in your face; mine at least.

"My guess is the person is far from here. I don't think they planned on us getting out." Ray said, watching Frank carefully. "Don't worry about this right now though." Ray told me. "You're safe in here. We have like increased security measures now too."

"I want revenge on this sick son of a bitch though." I snapped at Ray, leaning my head back to get away from Frank. I let him do whatever amused him. It just happened to be inconvenient most of the time. "Especially for them to tell me to kill my own brother. I mean, my arms are forever fucked up, Bob's got some mysterious illness, my brother's got broken bones that I'm hoping heal properly, you were made into a pin cushion, and Frank we assumed was dead multiple times."

"Geez you people hate me." Frank said as he sat himself back. "I heard you all talking the whole time. I just couldn't seem to get any replies out." He crossed his arms and sat bitterly on me now. "Then I became like a hot potato as you all fondled me while you passed me around."

"We just wanted to touch you." I told Frank, trying to cheer him up. He smiled a little. "How long am I here?"

"Well you're not in a coma anymore which is a good thing. Probably a week more." Ray said, ignoring Frank's bratty attitude. We were all used to it by now. "Then you're going to stay with me just because none of us should be alone."

"You could come stay with me too." Frank said with a smile.

"Behave yourself." I told Frank. "What about Bob and Mikey? And what about you?" I asked Frank because as far as I knew, he was still single.

"Mikey has Alicia, Bob's still going to be here until they figure out what exactly is wrong with him, and Frank's been glued to your side." Ray said, looking at Frank again. Frank stuck his tongue out at Ray with a smirk.

"What about Lyn-Z?" I asked. "I could stay with her; she's my girlfriend after all..."

"Yeah..." Ray said, a little hesitantly. "She didn't think you were going to make it..."

"So my girlfriend left me?" I asked miserably but not all that shocked. We've been having problems for awhile now. I was just trying to make her happy. Apparently being with me wasn't doing that. "That blows."

"You still have me!" Frank said with a large grin so I smacked him again. "What? You don't love me anymore?" Frank asked with fake sorrow. I'll never be able to explain how our relationship works. Everything becomes a joke yet at the same time it's serious. The only way you'd ever begin to understand if you just sat in a room with us for a day or seven.

"For now the three of us can stay together in someone's place. You two will have to learn to play nice."

"As long as I get you on nights and weekends." Frank said with a smile.

"I'm not a fucking mobile phone plan." I told Frank. "And I don't care if you sleep with me so long as you behave yourself. You know that." Like I've said, Frank's my best friend. We've stayed at each other's houses more times than I can count. Most of the time, we shared a bed. Frank just had to be reminded of boundaries.

"You can both stay at my house." Ray said. "With rules." He said to Frank. "Now come on Frank; Gerard needs rest." Frank whined then tried to hold onto me.

"Go." I told Frank, pushing him off me. "I'm tired anyway. Come rape me in the morning." Frank climbed off the bed.

"Will do." He said with a smile. Frank leaned over the bed and kissed me quickly; something we do all the time so it wasn't a big deal. "Sweet dreams." He told me softly.

"Come on." Ray said with a little aggravation; putting his arms on Frank's shoulders and leading him towards the door. "We'll be back tomorrow."

"Love you!" Frank called with amusement as he was pushed out of the room. Again, something we do all the time. I slid down in the bed again and made myself comfortable. I was furious that the person who did this wasn't caught. I vowed never to touch, not even look at a doll of any sort again. Not after everything that happened. I didn't understand how Frank and Ray were so mellow about it. I mean, Frank shrugged off the fact that he almost died.

I sighed heavily and turned myself in my bed when I noticed something weird. I sat up and reached over the edge of the bed; my heart beginning to race as I pulled a taped piece of paper off it. Slowly I brought it into my view so I could read it; swallowing hard and wishing Frank didn't leave. I didn't want to be alone now. I kept my eyes open, afraid to fall asleep; the words of the note haunting me.

You got away from me before we finished the experiment. I'll come and get you when it's time.

Tick tock, tick tock.


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