Review for Dudley's Wedding

Dudley's Wedding

(#) Alorkin 2009-01-22

A very cute story. It's nice to see that Dudley CAN learn. Hopefully, he will never treat his son like his parents treated Harry.

Luna is my second preferred mate for Harry. I'm a 'deluded' Harmony shipper, but Luna brings a wonderful freshness to the role.

Daisy s a sweet girl and as soon as you mentioned that the Creeveys ans Clearwaters were related, I understood that the Durzleys elder, were gonna have fits!

I kinda like the fact that Penny and Eliza both dislike Harry. On the other hands, i really don't like why. Both are following false leads. Penny in particular seems to be, in canon at least, a leader. to rely on her husband for decisions, is a bit odd to me. Eliza is an idiot.

Daisy is rather accepting of the magical aspects of the world. Fortunately not the 'grab yer pitchforks an' bring a rope!' type.

This would stand better as a one-shot than the beginnings of a series. you've got all the information across. On the other hand, a series based upon this plot would be welcomed. I can just see the first time little baby Durzley exhibits accidental magic in front of Vernon.

Well done, sez I!