Review for Frerard.


(#) xxTragic 2009-01-24

Yeah... I know how it feels to be the new kid. I still kinda am. =/

Anways, to the real point of the matter. I strongly agree. I may not agree with some pairings, such as Waycest or Gerbert, but some people do, so I think that not only Frerard should get it's own category, but other pairings as well.

I mean, say you're merely looking for a nice, sweet Frerard. You find a fic and it looks promising. Upon clicking the fic and reading some, you find your mind filled with the mental images of Gerard and Bert hot, sweaty, and naked on a bed to to the contents of that fic. Some of us would rather not have to experience that. I would "much" rather have the mental image of Gerard and FRANK hot, sweaty, and naked on a bed in my mind. But I digress.

The point of this entire review was to point out that yes, each pairing, including Frerard, should get its own category instead of leaving users to search and search through fic upon fic to find a fucking pairing that they would like to read.

xox TaTE