Review for Getting My Baby Back

Getting My Baby Back

(#) Sassy 2009-02-12

Oh wow!! This keeps getting better!

Joanna's back on the case and she's going to do it as much for herself as Bob!! It won't be easy, but it's just the break they needed!

Poor Alyssa - Three men? (nearly wrote 'and a baby'!) Popular girl, but which one will she choose? I feel sorry for all of them - smeone's going to be heartbroken!

More soon, please!
Sas x

Author's response

Hey there Sas,

Thanks so much!!

Yep and now she will do anything to help them get Emily back. But how will effect them all.

Nah just the two, Ray was looking at her because he thought he saw something in her eyes that led him to believe something wasn't right. Ray is her best friend and tries to be the voice of reason.

But someone will be heartbroken, maybe more than one. You'll have to see what happens.