Review for Pins and Needles

Pins and Needles

(#) silver_stripes 2009-03-26

Haha. That's a great story about your We the Kings encounter. It's probably something I'd end up doing too.

Now for the real review. I loved this chapter. I think my favorite lines were

"Don’t worry you can still try to get one of them to fall in love with you at first sight" and

"“Thanks Eve, see ya tomorrow. I’m so excited – I'm going to look my best and Brendon will fall head over heels for me and we’ll end up happy ever after forever…. Or at least for a night!”

That scene made me smile.

Author's response

Hahaha! I kinda based those lines off of one of my friends here at school who gets the obsessive fan thing going whenever a new band comes out.

I like making people smile! YAY!