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003. Chapter Three

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the first fitting and Eve realizes who exactly she's working for.

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: starting in this chapter and the next chapter the drama will begin. yay drama!
Twenty nine hours later I had six costumes ready for fittings, four costumes cut out, eight cuts on my hands, six stab wounds from pins, and I was down two rolls of tape. I stared up at the clock as it slowly crept to three in the afternoon. I had managed to grab a few hours of sleep but was currently running on empty when I heard the annoying sound of the bells on the door.

Alex was on her lunch break so I was running the desk. Ryan followed by three other guys strolled into the shop and looked as if they had just stepped out of a magazine, “Actors” I thought to myself, “Always have to look their best.” I smiled and hoped I looked presentable enough and smiled, “Hey Ryan, are you guys here for the fitting?” I asked putting my pincushion on the counter.

Ryan smiled that gorgeous smile and nodded, “Yes ma’m!” He gestured to his friends and introduced them, “This is Brendon, Spence, and Jon. And this is the designer..” He paused, “I don’t think you ever told me your name….”

I blushed, of the few conversations we had I never once said my name, “Eve Monroe, nice to meet you guys,” I said grabbing the first four costumes from the rack. Each costume had a tag on it with the names of whom they were for on them. “Here, if you guys could go change I can get this done with and fix ‘em up nice for you,” I led the four of them into the back of the store and let them into the curtained dressing rooms and waited for them to come out.

I heard the door open and Alex’s voice echoed through the mostly empty store, “Honey I’m hooooommme!” She called as I walked back to the counter to meet her.

“I’m going to do some fittings so if you need me holler,”

“Chill out Eve, I got this. It’s only desk duty. Are you fitting the actors? Are they cute? More importantly are they single?”

“I don’t know! They’re customers. Just watch the desk.”

Alex was going to say something but it came out as a squeal that pierced my eardrums, “OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD!!!”

I shoved my hands on her shoulders and calmly told her, “Shut up! What’s wrong?”

“Do you know who they are!?” She whispered and pulled me upstairs.

“Actors, for some play… I don’t know which… why you recognize them? Oh please say you didn’t have a one night stand with one… last thing I need is to lose this!”

“You know that band that we’re seeing Saturday? Panic! At the Disco?”

“Yeah…. I’m so looking forward to it,” I said sarcastically.

Alex scowled at me, “Well they are them Miss Attitude.”

I was speechless, “Excuse me?! What do you mean they are them?”

Alex quickly pulled out her iPhone and pulled up the background on her phone, “Look!”

I snatched the phone and examined the picture and sure enough as I love coffee the four men getting changed downstairs were in fact the members of Alex’s obsession of the week. “Oh shit….”

“What? You should be excited they are going to wear your costumes!!! Think of the business!”

“Yeah…I may have said something along the lines of me hating their songs…”


“What!? I had no idea it was him!!”

“Which one?” Alex asked and I pointed to the picture of Ryan, “Dude, he writes the songs… I'm surprised you still get to make their clothes!”

“What do I do? I have to go down and fit them!! Do I tell them I know who they are?”

“I don’t know… if it comes up then sure… I mean… I don’t know! I can’t believe they are down there! This is SO awesome!”

“Hello?” I heard a voice call from the stairs below, “We’re ready if you are, Eve!”

“Shit.” I muttered, “Alex, don’t make a scene please. We’ll figure this out later. I just need to get through the fitting without stabbing someone, or myself. Okay?”

“Fine, whatever.” Alex said disappointed, knowing she wouldn’t be able to go take a picture with her absolutely ‘fave’ band.

Quickly I grabbed a jacked and composed myself and walked downstairs, “Sorry about that, I couldn’t find my jacket.”

“No probs,” Brendon said, “These are pretty well fitted and they look awesome you got these done in one night?”

“Mostly. I mean, I took some parts from other costumes and altered them but… yeah glad you like them. Now let’s see…” I began to go through the normal motions – folding, pinning, drawing, adjusting – and felt more in my element.

There was pretty much silence between the five of us as we went through the fitting process. When it was over the guys said thanks and walked out of the store and said they would come in the next day for the finals on their costumes.

“I can’t believe you just let them leave like that” Alex said a little angry, “I mean you could have at least introduced me!”

“Oh they’ll be back tomorrow. Don’t worry you can still try to get one of them to fall in love with you at first sight. I'm going to close the shop in an hour or so to get some work done, you can go head out if you want..”

“Thanks Eve, see ya tomorrow. I’m so excited – I'm going to look my best and Brendon will fall head over heels for me and we’ll end up happy ever after forever…. Or at least for a night!” Alex said as she quickly exited the store – always happy to get out early.

I stared at the desk for a moment and shook my head laughing a little at Alex’s comment and closed out the shop and changed into some sweatpants and a tank top. It was going to be another long night….


A SNEAK PEEK OF NEXT CHAPTER: as Eve begins to pull another all nighter she gets a visit from Ryan and they begin to learn more about each other. What will happen? Tune back soon and find out! (i haven't written it yet so its a surprise to me too!)
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