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004. Chapter Four

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Eve is working late at night and gets an unexpected visitor

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AUTHORS NOTE: serious drama coming up in the next two chapters following this. ideas are a-flowin!!!
Eleven thirty. I stared at the clock and smacked it to make the alarm stop. I had let myself get a good three hours of sleep before I forced myself to get up and continue working. I stood up and sighed and jumped into the shower to wake myself up. As the freezing cold water bombarded my skin I couldn’t help but think of how much of an idiot I was. Why couldn’t I keep my mouth shut? Why did I have to say I hated that song and the band was bad? I should have actually listened to all of Alex’s ranting about the band and looked at her emails of pictures – scary thought that Alex was actually right.

After my shower I threw on a pair of purple shorts and a white tank top then I realized how cold the store was – I could never really control the A.C it had a mind of its own. I ended up throwing on a black hoodie that had Mickey Mouse on it to keep warm.

I grabbed a pack of pop tarts and a can of Dr. Pepper, “Mom would be so not approving of my choice in food right now,” I joked to myself as I walked down the stairs and flipped on the lights. Sighing I examined some of my finished products. The actual band member’s costumes were done and she felt proud of her work. They were Victorian and elegant but still had the rebellious badass touch to them that made them seem…dangerous. Though I doubted they would ever hurt a fly.

I pulled out a box full of black garment bags and decided to begin packing and racking. Packing and racking was my favorite part, I got to examine each part of the outfit, write all the components down, take a picture, and sign my name on a card and then hang them on a rack for the customer to receive. I kept photo albums of every costume I ever made with a second copy of the card and picture.

The process was mechanical for me, relaxing. I pulled out a cream colored card and began to fill out the cards: “Brendon Urie – black fitted jacket with red details, white ruffled shirt with ruffled sleeves, fitted dress slacks in black, black and white stitched shoes, black top hat with white ribbon, satin. ” “Ryan Ross – black long sleeved shirt, crimson vest, black and crimson rouged fingerless gloves, fitted black pants with crimson sides and black dress shoes – black rose pin for vest.” “Spencer Smith – white semi-fitted jacket, white short sleeve dress shirt, black ascot of satin, black fitted dress slacks, white kerchief for jacket, black ‘shiny shoes’.” “Jon Walker – green silk long sleeve fitted shirt, thick grey tie, off centered, grey pinstriped pants, black shoes”

After the four costumes were racked I began to glue rhinestones on a Venetian mask for one of the other ‘actors’ when I heard a knock at the door. I wasn’t expecting any company so I was kind of surprised. I walked to the door and opened it up to be pleasantly surprised.
“Hey there, love. Alex said you were pulling another all nighter so I brought some sushi and some coffee!” It was none other than Harper. Harper was a customer Eve had a year ago and they just hit it off, “So, whatcha up to?” she continued, not even caring she just walked into the store and sat down at the table, pushing sketches to the side to set down the food, “damn Eve, you’ve got a night ahead of you don’t ya!” she added commenting on one of the sketches, “but now is break time.”

“Thanks Harper,” I said with a grin. Harper always had a way of making things fun and less stressful.

The two of them chatted for a little and ate the sushi and drank their coffee when there was another knock at the door, “Who else could that be?” I asked slightly annoyed. I just wanted to finish working!

“I’ll get it,” Harper said pushing herself up, she wasn’t afraid to tell people to go bugger off and leave her alone if the occasion arised. I always did admire that about her. Moments later Harper returned and with a smile she grabbed her bag, “I think I should be going, you have company,” she said with a devilish grin, “don’t you do anything I wouldn’t do!”
Confused I began to get up from the back of the store to see what she meant when I noticed someone at the counter sifting through some of the other sketches strewn around the store. Ryan.

“Hey there,” he said with a grin, “I brought coffee but it seems your friend already beat me to it.”

“Thanks, I’ll definitely need all the coffee I can get,” I said walking over to him. He looked so put together, so amazing and I looked like crap. “I finished up your outfit, it’s in one of the bags behind the counter… you can check it out to see if you want anything changed.”

He nodded his head, messing up his perfect hair a little bit, “I trust you did fine.”
There was a kind of awkward silence between the two of us. Nervously I played with the string of my hoodie and fidgeted my fingers, “So you just come by to drop off the coffee? Not that I don’t appreciate it or anything…”

“Yeah,” he said softly, refusing to look me in the eyes, “pretty much… do you need help or anything? I mean, I can’t sew but I can glue or pin or something.”

I had to admit the prospect of putting him to work was intriguing. Very intriguing. “Sure,” I said with a smile and debated what I could have him do, “You can hot glue rhinestones on to some masks for me.”

“Sounds easy enough,” he said following me back to the table.

“Sorry for the mess, I wasn’t expecting company tonight…”

“Its no problem, I should have called or something.” Then he smiled. I could not handle that smile - it made me forget what I was doing.

I cleared an area on the table and handed him some masks that had finished drying, “I marked where the rhinestones go with little stars in pink, you can choose from whatever ones in the bag, whatever you think works. The papers they are on are the sketches of the outfits they go with… so make them match if you can.”

“Alright,” he said and began sifting through my giant bag of rhinestones of different shapes and colors and sizes. We worked in silence for about half an hour when he finally spoke, “I’m not an actor.”

Silently I looked up and I just stared for a moment, “I know,” I said softly, “when Alex came in today she freaked out and told me who you guys are…”

“And you didn’t say anything?”

“What was I supposed to say? ‘Hey thanks for lying to me because I said I hated your music to save my feelings’? I don’t think so.”

Ryan laughed, “You should really give our music a chance, I bet you’d like it after a while.”

“We’ll see.” I said and went back to working, wanting to switch subjects.

“So why don’t you have a boyfriend?” He asked, I did say I wanted a switch of subjects but I didn’t think my love life would have been it.

“No time. And most guys are douche bags anyways,” I said not looking up at him, “my ex boyfriend thought it would be great to test our relationship by seeing if he had sex with other women if it would strengthen our relationship, I however failed to see the good in his idea.”

Ryan said nothing but looked up at me with a caring look. No guy ever looked at girls that way anymore. It felt like he was trying to sympathize with me and I did not even want to go down that road.

“Don’t look at me like that,” I said quickly, looking up at him, “I’m not some sad broken girl waiting for prince charming to fix her life. I gave up on that dream a long time ago, I live in the real world.”

He continued to say nothing but went back to working on masks. Finally he spoke, “I know what its like to have your heart ripped out, Eve. Its not fun but you cant give on wanting to find someone who makes you feel like you could lift the entire world off of your shoulders.”

“I didn’t say that,” I began, then I realized he was right. That’s exactly how my mind had been working. I had given up on everyone else, there was no one for me to rely on. My best friend was a flake, my mother had died, my father nonexistent, I just had myself. I suddenly became very uncomfortable with Ryan knowing so much about me without even speaking and looked at the clock, one a.m. I quickly stood up from the table and walked out to the door, “Well, I think it’s time for you to be leaving Mr. Ross., it’s already one.”

Ryan looked dumbfounded and silently got up and walked to the door, “I apologize, I shouldn’t have said anything,”

“Please, I just need to get a couple hours of sleep in, nothing personal,” I said coldly, he had gotten a little to close for my comfort conversation wise and as I always did, I began to push him away.

Ryan lingered for a moment and for a second I thought he was going to grab me, kiss me, or something but he let out a sigh and left. I closed and locked the door behind him and pressed my back against the glass window and slid down and just sat for a while. We had barely talked but I felt like he understood me more than anyone else. Could I be falling for a guy I barely knew? No. Of course not, that was silly.

I turned off the lights and went upstairs, I had gotten enough work done for one night and I collapsed into my bed, Barty jumped onto the bed and curled up on the pillow next to me, “What have I gotten into?” I asked him, he meowed and I scowled, “thanks. Useless cat.”
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