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005. Chapter Five

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the day of the concert and Alex and Eve are backstage and find themselves among the company of some of the most popular bands on the label.

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AUTHORS NOTE: mmm drama...


It was the day of the concert and I hadn’t seen Ryan or any of the band members since he had come to visit me that night. They were supposed to have their final fittings but they had declined and said that any last minute adjustments could be done the day of by their on site designer. I had finished all the costumes and gotten paid and had lost all contact with anyone involved with the group.

Alex had stopped mentioning the concert after I told her what happened but on the day of there was no shutting her up. I closed down shop and dressed by Alex to look like one of those scene kids in skinny jeans and a “I heart glasses” v-neck t-shirt I was good to go. Alex had preordered the tickets so we had to get to the concert extra early for will call. Walking up to the window the old lady behind the glass had asked for our IDs for the tickets – Alex had preordered one of the tickets in my name.

“Miss Monroe?” the woman said slightly confused, “it seems your ticket and Miss Hatherson’s ticket was upgraded by marketing..”

“What does that mean?” Alex asked excitedly.

“It means that you guys get the all access badges that the photographers and press get.”
Alex began to squeal but I grew nervous, “When were they upgraded?” I asked. If it had been before the ‘incident’ (as I liked to refer to it) then I would decline.

“This morning” the woman said handing us two envelopes. I couldn’t help but wonder, if they were upgraded today did that mean that Ryan wanted to see me? Or was it their manager just being nice to the lady that made a shit load of costumes in one week.

“C’mon Eve lets go!” Alex yelled and grabbed my wrist, dragging me to the VIP entrance.
Opening my envelope I pulled out my all access badge, inside the plastic sleeve there was a post it note. While Alex was distracted I opened up the little yellow square and was surprised to what it said. “Sorry, hope this makes up for everything – Ryan”. I couldn’t help but smile as I read the note and quickly shoved it into my pocket before Alex could see – last thing I needed was her fan-obsession to kick in and kill me.

Running around me backstage I saw the dancers and entertainers wearing my costumes and I immediately felt so excited. We heard the announcer say that the show was about to begin and from the sides we saw the band take stage. Ryan was on the other side but I could have sworn he was looking at me for a minute. As the band began to play Alex grabbed my arm and we went exploring back stage when we came upon the Green Room.

“I wonder who is here!” Alex yelled out and turned to me, “Do I look okay? I mean like, amazing? Because this is where all of the bands hang out, not even the press is allowed in.”

“Yes, you look amazing. Let’s go in already, I need something to drink.”

Opening the door we were both surprised to see the large group of people gathered in the room. All four couches were filled, people were everywhere.

“Oh my god!” Alex whispered to me, “Look! It’s Gabe, and Patrick, and Pete, and Ashlee, and William, and Vicky T, and just… Ohmygosh!”

“Calm it Alex. Pretend to be…. oh I don’t know, normal??” I quickly told her.

She began to breathe when someone walked over to us, then she began to hyperventilate… “I’m…drink…go…get…kay..”

The guy laughed a little and held out his hand, “Gabe Saporta, single…erm I meant singer of Cobra Starship. And you are?”

I laughed, I hadn’t heard of this Cobra Starship but I’m sure Alex did, “I’m Eve,” I said shaking his hand.

“Eve. Nice.” He said then he gestured to Alex who was failing at opening a beer bottle, “and she with you?”

“Yeah, that’s Alex. She’s kinda nervous. Big fan.”

“Ah, and you? Are you a big fan?”

“In all honesty? Not really, I don’t listen to a lot of music on the radio and such. Not unless someone downloads it for me and makes me listen to it”

“No wonder you are composed. Its always funny to see people react, I love it” Gabe said with a goofy grin, “can I accompany you to get a drink Miss Eve?” he said sarcastically acting like a southern gentleman.

“Why I would love a drink,” I said mimicking him.


Two hours later the concert was over and I was sufficiently tipsy. Alex was wasted and had gone with some guy from one of the nameless opening bands back to his dressing room. Whenever Alex and I went out that’s how it always went down, we would drink, she would leave with a guy, and I would have a drunken night alone. I walked around aimlessly after hanging out with Gabe and the other members of Cobra Starship and William Beckett.

“Lost?” I heard a voice call behind me and I turned expecting to see Ryan but it wasn’t Ryan, it was William.

“Not really, just exploring.”

“Well if you are bored a bunch of us are gonna go party in the buses. You game?”

Looking around I figured that maybe Ryan didn’t want to talk to me so I looked over at William, “sure, why not?”

William and I walked outside and man, it was cold. Noticing I was shivering he took his jacket off and slipped it onto my shoulders, and pulling me to him he kept his arm around me. Normally I would push away and leave from the obvious flirtation but I was tipsy, lonely, and felt like I had been rejected by Ryan.

I began to yawn a little and William looked down at me, “You okay?”

“Yeah, just a little tired…”

“If you don’t wanna go party we can go back to the bus I’m in and watch a movie or something, this isn’t a ploy to get you into bed, I swear.”

I thought about it for a minute and even though he said it wasn’t a ploy it still felt like one. But of course I ignored it and agreed and next thing I knew I was cuddling up to a guy who was not the one I wanted to be with.

We were watching a movie, I don’t even recall which one, and next thing I knew we were making out. Inside I was freaking out, I didn’t want to be like Alex, a one night bimbo, I didn’t want to be that girl who left the bus in the wee hours of the morning to make the walk to shame.

“Stop,” I managed to say through the kissing, gently pushing William off of me we looked at eachother.

“What?” he asked, as if he had done something wrong.

I was going to say something but then I heard the bus door open. William stuck his head out from the bunk and peered into the hall, “Yo Ry! A little privacy please!” and my body froze. Ry? I thought to myself. No… please no…

“Sorry dude, I was looking for someone,” I heard an all to haunting voice say.

“Wish I could help bro, but I can’t” William said, unaware I was who Ryan was looking for.

That’s when Ryan saw me. I could only imagine what he saw. Messed up sheets, William pretty much on top of me and even though the both of us were clothed you don’t have to be a genius to guess what was most likely going to happen. Ryan’s face grew cold and angry. We just stared at each other and I felt the heat rise in my cheeks. “Ryan,” I said slowly, pushing William completely off of me I stood up and he left.
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