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006. Chapter Six

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Girl's night with Harper and Alex.

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“Okay so we brought all of the essentials for ya Eve,” Alex announced as she and Harper burst through the shop doors. It had been two days since I last saw Ryan on that terrible night and to top it off William continued to call me non-stop. I was a wreck and closed the shop temporarily to wallow in my sorrows. Alex continued, “We got some horror movies, some pop corn, some pizza, and lots of ice cream.”

“And lots of alcohol,” Harper threw in as the two of them put everything onto a table. “We’re going to get you so wasted you forget your own name,” She said with a grin and then she looked over at me, “Oh honey…you look like shit…”

“Thanks,” I muttered. What did I care? Ryan wasn’t returning my calls and at least every hour William called to see what happened. I hadn’t told anyone else about what happened that night except for Alex and Harper and I intended to keep it that way. I hated pity and people feeling sorry for me and I hated to look weak – but in front of my two friends I could break down.

Countless drinks later I was feeling better until my phone rang. When I looked at the caller ID it said “W. Beckett” in bright green letters. Staring at the phone I let it go to voicemail and threw it behind the couch – I could go a night without contact with the outside world.


The three of us looked around at each other and Harper got up, a little tipsy and off balance, and smiled, “I got this,” and she walked over to the door. “Whooo issss ittttt?” She said laughing. Before waiting for an answer she opened the door and clicked her tongue. “Well well well, ain’t this fun.”

“Who is it?” Alex yelled, her speech slurred.

“It’s pretty boy’s friend, what’s-his-face singer dude…”

“NO FRIGGING WAY!” Alex screamed and pushed herself up, tripping over a chair she toppled onto the floor. “COMING!” she yelled and pushed herself up and over to the door. “Hey, I’m Alex. So awesome to meet you Brendon!”

Brendon stood in the doorway with an expression on his face that was a combination of confused and amused, “Hey there,” he said with a chuckle, “Is Eve here?”

“Look Mr. My-friend-is-to-good-to-return-his-calls I don’t think you need to see Eve,” Harper interjected, pushing away the gooey mass that was Alex.

“Look, I just wanna tell her something,” Brendon started, putting his hands up in surrender, “from Ryan.”

“He’s got a cell,” Harper said, not backing down, “Tell him if he wants to talk to her he can call her on the phone, mmkay?” Harper began to close the door but Brendon refused to back down.

“Hey Super Bitch,” Brendon said, getting really annoyed with Harper’s attitude, “This don’t concern you, let me talk to Eve,” he said forcefully, “Now.”

“Let him in,” I said quietly. I leaned against the counter, arms crossed.

“Whatev,” Harper said after a final stare down with Brendon she grabbed Alex by the arm and went upstairs.

“Hey Eve,” Brendon said, closing the door behind him, “How are you?”

“Cut the crap, I’m not in the mood to deal with this,” I snapped. I even surprised myself – I was never the bitchy one.

“Fine,” Brendon said, sitting down on the stool and grabbing himself a beer, “Ryan sent me,”

“Really now. I have a hard time believing that.”

“Do you want to hear it or not?” he asked, obviously annoyed at my behavior.

“Sure,” I countered quickly. On the outside I was trying to seem nonchalant but on the inside I was dying to know.

“Look, he hasn’t called because of what you did, it hurt him and he doesn’t know what to do,” Brendon said after sipping the beer, “I’m here to get your side of the story,”

“Let me hear what you know,” I said, my mother’s voice echoing in my head screaming ‘don’t put your cards on the table first’.

“Fine,” he said and let out a sigh, “the way we heard it was that you were all over Beckett and you guys disappeared into the bus. He says you really dig him.”

Before I could say anything Alex came running down the stair, “OH MY GOD!” she yelled, Harper was running behind her trying to get her before she said anything else. She failed. “SERIOUSLY? What else did he say!? Did anyone say anything about me?”

“Alex, shut up,” Harper said quickly, “Look, pretty boy, I wasn’t there but I don’t think you should listen to Mr. Tall and skinny boy. If Eve says something else happened then she’s telling the truth.”

“Well, Eve, what happened?” Brendon asked, ignoring Alex’s questions and staring me down, “that’s what I thought.” Brendon got up and began to walk away.

“He’s lying,” I said strongly, “He said people were partying in the buses and we walked outside. I was cold and he gave me his jacket. He asked if I was tired and I said yes. I went into his bus and figured we were just going to watch a movie and I could get a power nap or something and then find Ryan…. He started kissing me and I tried to push him off and then Ryan came in…” I said quickly in one massive breath. “Look, it’s the truth.”

Brendon stopped at the door and turned around, “I’ll let him know but I don’t think he’s gonna buy it,” he said softly, “He likes you, thinks your interesting but right now you are just the bitch who was making out with one of his friends.”

“Excuse me?” Harper said quickly, marching up to Brendon, “you do NOT speak to her like that. She is a good person and you do not get to say that kind of shit about her.”

“Yeah well maybe she shouldn’t have been all over Beckett! He’s MY best friend and I don’t want to see him wasting his time on some slut who goes after any body who’s got a name in the industry!”

“Fuck you,” I said quietly.

“What was that?” Brendon quickly retorted.

“You heard me,” I said walking over to him, “I know what happened and if Ryan doesn’t believe me then he isn’t the kind of guy I want in my life. You tell him my story and tell him the ball’s in his court, if he doesn’t wanna play then he doesn’t have to.”
Brendon said nothing and left, slamming the door on his way out.

“What did I just do…?” I said going to the couch and sitting down, “I just ruined it… there’s no way Brendon’s going to help me out now,”

“Where’s this William character? I’m gonna go do a beat down!” Harper said walking over to me, “Don’t worry about it, if its meant to be it’ll happen. You don’t wanna waste time on a douche that thinks you’re a skank.”

“Seriously,” Alex said, “but can I just say that Brendon coming here and this whole drama is EPIC?! No one would even believe me if I tried telling them! This is so cool!” Harper shot her a dirty look and Alex sat down next to me, “But it does suck, sweetie. I’m sorry.”
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