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007. Chapter Seven

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Six months went by and I hadn’t heard a word from Ryan. Alex and Harper had told me that it was because they had just started the tour. When the tour ended and I still hadn’t gotten so much as a phone call they said he wasn’t worth it, that it should just be put to rest and that I needed to move on. So I did.

His name was Adam, which Alex had said was destined. “He’s the Adam to your Eve!!” she said when he first came into the store looking for a costume. I had to admit, he intrigued me from the moment he stepped in the door, but not the way Ryan had.

It was the one year mark of not having any contact with anyone associated with Panic! At the Disco and to everyone else I appeared to be back to normal but when no one was watching or when I wasn’t keeping my mind busy I always caught myself thinking about him. As I was eating breakfast upstairs I heard the downstairs door open, “Hello,” a voice called. Adam.
“Up here,” I called out, to lazy to get up to greet him I managed to take my bowl of cereal and collapse onto the couch, flicking on MTV to catch some tunes. Adam smiled holding two rather large thermoses of what I could smell was Starbucks coffee, “Those both for me?” I joked, knowing I was in for a long day.

“Of course,” Adam said with a smile. His dark hair was pulled back into a pony tail and his gorgeous face was lit up, I was always jealous of how energetic and positive he was. He put the two thermoses down on the table and collapsed next to me on the couch, kissing my forehead as he put his arm around me. “Whatcha watchin, babe?”

“MTV, maybe they’ll actually play some music,” I said sarcastically and finished up my Lucky Charms, saving the marshmallows for last.

I was going to make another catty comment directed at MTV when I heard the host begin to speak, “..and today we are here to premier the newest music video from the band Panic! At the Disco!” My jaw dropped. I tossed the bowl onto the table and sat up, alert.

“Hun? What’s up?” Adam asked concerned. I shushed him and turned up the television.

“…here with me I have the members of Panic! Brendon Urie, Spencer Smith, Jon Walker, and Ryan Ross,” the blonde bimbo on the television said energetically, “boys, do you have anything to say about the video before we play it?”

Brendon took the mic and smiled as the others nodded, “Well this video is not like any other that’s out there right now. Guarenteed. It was actually a collaborative effort between all of us and our amazing director. We began shooting right after our tour so all of the actors were on tour with us. We all got really close.”

After the video played the studio audience erupted in applause and the host smiled, “that’s an awesome video guys! I really loved the outfits, your costume designer must have worked forever on all of it. It’s always- yes?” The host asked, interrupted by a hand motion from Brendon.

Brendon took the mic and had a slight smile playing on his lips, “Our initial costume designer actually was not on tour with us. The woman that made them was Evelyn Monroe, from Oleander Costume Shoppe. And she made them in five days. All of them,” I gasped and Adam was shocked, but we continued watching in silence as Brendon gave Ryan the microphone.

“Given the opportunity we would love to work with her again,” Ryan said with a smile, “I would love to work with her again. She’s very talented and extremely innovative.”

Then I heard a scream from downstairs. Leaving Adam watching the television on the couch I ran as fast as I could down the steps to a screaming Alex.

“OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!” She was screaming out as the mini television showed Ryan on the screen. “HE TOTALLY IS STILL INTO YOU EVE!!”

I quickly shut off the television, “Shut up Alex! Adam doesn’t know and he doesn’t need to. Okay? Just please. Do not make this a deal. Its been a year and have I heard from him? No. We need to forget all of it.”

“Oh please Eve!” Alex said then she got quiet.

“What?” I asked looking around. The store was empty, “what aren’t you telling me?”

“He knows Eve!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Look. I promised myself I wouldn’t say, you were upset and you said you were over it and..”


“He came here. A couple of months after you and Adam started dating. Adam was down here and I was closing, he has no idea I was here, but Ryan came in looking for you. Adam said that you were over him and never wanted to see him and now you were finally happy with him and… and that you were engaged to be married”

“What? And you didn’t do anything?”

“What was I supposed to do Eve! I mean I thought you were over him too! Sure he lied about you guys being engaged but still!”

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and I turned to see Adam staring at me, I wasn’t able to control myself and the next thing I knew my hand had smacked his face. “How dare you!” I yelled at him, “How DARE you!”

“I heard what he did Eve! I wasn’t gonna let that jerk take you away from me just to ignore you!”

“That’s not your decision!”

“Would you have left me for him?” Adam asked angrily.

“We hadn’t even become official yet! Of course I would have!”

“I don’t have to take this,” he screamed, “if you want to be treated like crap by some guy who cant even stand up for you and who wouldn’t fight for you then so be it.”
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