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008. Chapter Eight

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The next days went by in a blur and I had Alex run the store as I threw myself into my work. I had a plan but I had no idea if it would work. Alex using her super fan obsession skills had told me that the boys of Panic! At the Disco were going to be in Los Angeles for the next month and I decided to scrounge up all of the extra cash I could and (with a few donations from Harper and Alex) I had enough for a trip to LA.

They were already working on their next music video and had open casting calls for the cast and crew. I worked for days and days making random outfits for my own creative ideas to try and kill all my nervous energy as the day of the trip drew nearer and nearer.

I had managed to make eight from scratch costumes varying from marching uniforms to elaborate prince outfits to gothic alice in wonderland dresses. The day of the trip I had my single bag packed and my second suitcase of costumes I found Harper and Alex in the shop. “Hey,” I said with a smile as my two friends rushed over and hugged me. After the hug I looked down to see more bags, “What’s all this?” I asked.

“You didn’t think we’d let you go alone did ya? I mean LOS ANGELES? I’m so there,” Harper said with a wicked grin.

“Seriously, and can you IMAGINE the set? I mean HELLO Pete Wentz is probably there and OHMYGOD everybody’s gonna be there!” Alex screeched in excitement.

I had no words to say, I only hugged them again and let out a deep sigh, “thanks guys,” I said slowly until Harper finally broke the hug.

“C’mon, times a wastin’!” Harper called, already halfway out the door.


When we stepped off of the plane Alex called a cab and we went to a cheap motel to change. “Could you find any more of a dump?” Harper said looking at the bed, “I think I’m gonna get AIDS or Crabs or something from being near this bed…”

“Well springing for two more plane tickets meant less awesome room,” Alex said slipping into a fresh pair of jeans and black t-shirt, “plus we just need to get prettified before we head to the casting call.”

“YOU need to get prettified,” Harper said, “I’m always prettified!” she continued, jokingly making fun of Alex.

“Shut it, both of you,” I said throwing a pillow at Harper, “now you have AIDS, go change.” I looked at myself in the fading mirror. I looked tired? Stressed? Hurt? Lost? How about all of the above. I managed to throw on a pair of black jeans and a neon green tank top and a grey vest matched with black flip flops. Harper did my makeup because I was incompetent (according to her and Alex I should never be allowed to have any make up product in my hands…).

“It’s time,” Alex announced as Harper put the final touches on my lips and I stood and looked at myself in the mirror, “damn,” she continued, coming up behind me and playing with my hair.

“If he doesn’t want you I’ll have to question his sexuality,” Harper said with a grin, throwing my purse at me she laughed, “let’s hit it, cab’s here.”


Harper paid the cab as I unloaded all of the outfits and got into the line for open calls. The three of us waited for an hour outside before we were far enough along to actually go inside for the application process. Another two hours passed when Harper was called to go in, minutes later she came out and walked over to me. “He’s not in there sweetie, I’m sorry.”

“Monroe. Evelyn Monroe,” the bouncer called and I stood up, “They’re ready for you.”

I walked into the room and looked at the panel, only recognizing one of the men as the creative director from the tour I was discouraged but kept up a smile. “My name is Evelyn Monroe and I brought some examples of outfits I designed and constructed myself,”

“Miss Monroe, we are well aware of your abilities from the past tour,” the manager said looking not at me but at the papers in front of him, “your work is impeccable, we would love to have you aboard if you can stay in LA for a while. You’re a long way from home… Where are you staying for today?”

“Thank you,” I said simply, “I’m staying at the Flamingo Inn.”

Looking up at me he shook his head, “Flamingo Inn? Ouch. We have apartments the label owns that we let people use,” he began to scribble on a piece of paper, “here’s the address of one you can stay at and the combo for the key in the mailbox. You have a six a.m. call in the morning.”


“This place is AMAZING girl!” Alex yelled as we stepped into the fancy apartment I would be staying in.

We dropped our bags onto the floor and explored the place and while they both explored the bedrooms and kitchen (which had food already in place, Harper was impressed) I decided to stroll around outside.

“I cant believe you flew all the way out here to get a job,” I heard a voice chuckle behind me.

Spinning around I already knew who it was before I saw his face, “Ryan,” I said softly, a huge smile leaping onto my face.

“I’m so sorry,” he said taking a few steps towards me, his hands shoved in his pockets, “I tried to come by but-“

“I know,” I said quickly, closing the gap between the two of us, “He was lying. I’m so sorry. I had no idea he said those things.”

“So,” Ryan said moving my arms around his neck and slipping his arms around my wrists, “looks like you’re gonna be in LA for a while,”

“Looks that way,” I grinned, “I got this job making costumes for this horrible band.”

“That must be absolutely devastating,” he joked leaning his head closer to mine

“Oh its just torturous,” I moved my mouth closer to his and it was impossible for us to restrain ourselves. It was our first kiss and the best kiss I had ever had.

“OW! OW!” Harper and Alex catcalled from the doorway, “Break it up you two! Get a room! It’s called public indecency!”

We both laughed as we just stared at each other, happier than we had been since we had last parted ways.


Author’s Note: Well I hope you all enjoyed the series Pins and Needles. I decided to give it a happy ending because I think Eve deserved one. And so did Ryan. Please keep your eyes open for more P!ATD fics to come!
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