Review for And I'll End This Direst: a Frerard story

And I'll End This Direst: a Frerard story

(#) x_iero_addiction_x 2009-04-13

I havn't read fan fiction in a long time. It use to be all I did, all day just read fan fiction.
For the first time in ages, I finally decided to read some and I found your wonderful story on ficwad.. which I never go on. And just by chance..
I really enjoyed your story. the first one I've read in months. I read all the chapters and I really hope you post more soon.

This is a amusing, interesting, dramatic (but not too much) and enjoyable story. It's great!

Yeah so just wanted you to know that I really liked it.

Author's response

thank you for taking the time to review this; i'm glad i could get you re-interested in fanfics XD i'll update soon for you, i promise =)